Current FFGeek Contributor Chip Strategy and an update on FPL doubles and Blanks

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This article is intended to update you on the potential and actual FPL doubles and blanks and show you our FFGeek FPL expert Contributors current thoughts on Chip strategy

Current FFGeek Contributor Chip Strategy and an update on FPL doubles and Blanks

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For the background see my article on the FPL Calendar for the 23/24 season 

If you’re not familiar with doubles and blanks the above article is a useful read

The good news is that Joe’s Transfer Planner and Points Prediction Tool has this all mapped out for you so you can see it all and use it to plan transfers to maximise your FPL points

The current actual and potential doubles and blanks


Confirmed that Man City, Brentford, Liverpool and Luton will have 2 games in that gameweek


Blank GW26

Liverpool play Chelsea in the EFL Cup final meaning their games are postponed. 

I guess in theory Chelsea v Spurs could go into the GW26 midweek 5th round FA Cup games if both teams have been removed from the FA Cup.  That could happen tonight if Villa beat Chelsea.  There seems to be a consensus it will be moved later in the season and it has been removed on the FPL site

BGW26 then looks like this



There is a theory that Bournemouth v Luton could go here.  However neither are in Europe so I’m not sure why this gameweek has been picked as the potential location and nothing has been confirmed

The double would be very tempting and could even be a Solanke Triple Captain so think before you sell him



This is the big blank for the FA Cup quarters

Here’s the 5th round ties and the favourites to win.  This is from Joe’s Planner which again is an excellent tool to help you navigate the doubles and Blanks

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