Costas Chari reviews his fantasy premier league season


Here Costas Chari talks about what mistakes he made in his fantasy premier league season.  Costas finished with an 84k overall rank this season after an OR of 29k in 17/18 and 27k in 16/17.

Costas Chari reviews his fantasy premier league season

It is the first time that I am glad the FPL season has come to an end. This year I have “enjoyed” one of my worst FPL seasons (84k). Good thing about it – for some miraculous reason I topped a money league by just 13 points.

Geek notes

These are a couple of notes of mine in Italics

I thought I would add in a graph of Costas OR.  x Axis is gameweeks Y is OR.

Whats interesting is that Costas was one of the few contributors who used his 2nd wildcard early at GW23 (see * on the graph).  That was a very successful wildcard giving him an amazing gameweek rank of 3k and increasing his rank from 224k to 111k.  He never really suffered from that early wildcard either gaining rank after rather than losing it over the blanks and doubles which was impressive.

Here’s a link to his last team

Bad luck? Well, yes (definitely sometimes) but, you do not get a series of bad results just by plain bad luck. It is good to sit back relax and think about the season and mistakes you have done, accept them, so that you do not repeat them next year. I am going to outline some mistakes I have done during the season which I am sure most of you can relate to:

Mistake 1: Hear your mind not your heart.

We all have a football team we support or have empathy towards. In the FPL world you have set your feelings aside. I started the season with Shaw and Sanchez (yes… Sanchez) and got rid of Shaw on GW 9 (one clean sheet and one goal by then).

Mistake 2: Don’t be impatient with your transfers.

I have always told my mates make your transfers the day before the deadline and never too soon or an hour before the deadline. Transfers should be made after all press conferences (so you can assess who plays or not). There might be a training injury during the week so making the transfer too soon and your player getting injured in training or a Champions league or Europa league game is catastrophic. An hour before the deadline you are just making panic choices that usually are bad ones.

Mistake 3: Do not hold on to players for too long.

If an attacking player does not return for 3 Gws then he has to go. He will drop in value anyway and he keeps you from getting another player that might be on good form and his price will rise making the gap bigger for you to get him in. Having said this, don’t be too late on getting aboard the “train” (a player in good form).

Mistake 4: Plan ahead and stick to the plan.

I found myself several times this season changing my plan after I have spoken with some friends. Trust the decision you made when you were calm and after you read and researched about it. It is usually a better choice than when you were speaking with an anxious friend. Do not speak to too many people because you will definitely get confused.

Mistake 5: Captain Choice.

Go for the differential if the fixtures allow you to. It is wrong going for a differential (even though you have a strong gut feeling) at a gameweek that Man city or Liverpool play a relegation or even a mid-table team for example. Their attacking assets are usually owned by more than 30% so if they deliver big then your overall rank will be strongly decreased.

Mistake 6: The template team

Several times during the season due to form and fixtures there is a template team. Don’t be too attached on the template team nor be too far away from it. Having differentials is essential but not too many. They are differentials because they are inconsistent. If they were consistent in giving points they would have been template players. 3 differentials is more than enough.

Thanks and enjoy your summer!

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  1. Thanks Costas. What’s the general view on taking hits? I took 10 -4 hits this year. Is that a lot? First year doing FPL(finished 2,271).

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