Double gameweek 32 announced


Here’s a quick article looking at the fixture announcements which have lead to Double Gameweek 32 announced and some initial thoughts for the FFGeek team

Double Gameweek 32 Announced

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Various postponements due to Covid and Domestic Cup games have seen that 3 games had still to be rearranged

Spurs v Southampton

Aston Villa v Everton

A number of games were temporarily taken of of GW32 pending rearrangement.

Most of these were returned to GW32. However Spurs v Southampton was parachuted in with Palace v Southampton removed.

What does this mean?

Spurs have a double gameweek – Everton (A) and Southampton (H)

Palace have a blank GW32

Palace v Southampton now has to be rearranged

Aston Villa v Everton still has to be rearranged (unbelievably!)

Here’s DGW32

What are my initial thoughts for the FFGeek team?

You may have seen my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article where I reviewed GW29 and talked about plans for GW30.

In short my focus was on getting in Bruno Fernandes for GW30 and then wildcarding in GW31 to set up for the run in. I also have a triple captain chip left

Here’s a brief reminder of the team for GW30:

I hadn’t decided on my wildcard team for GW31 but in my mind it probably only contained Kane from Spurs. I would try and carry 2 transfers at all times to prepare for any DGWs when they came along.

This is now difficult. I have a reasonable lineup for GW30 apart from Fernandes and with a double gameweek 32 for Spurs it seems logical to hold onto the 3 Spurs players for GW31 and then GW32. Wildcarding with 3 Spurs players in it in GW31 doesn’t seem right. So then does GW33, a blank week become the week to wildcard? Seems a bit illogical.

Another issue is that GW31 is a bit of a disaster fixture wise for my current team. Spurs play Man Utd and Man City play Leeds so that’s 6 players with a tricky fixture already

It definitely needs a lot more thought. Fortunately this week is all I need to focus on but it will certainly be harder to get rid of Son this week unless the injury prognosis is long term.

So alot of thinking still to go but it hasn’t made things any easier that’s for sure

One thing I am pretty certain of now is to use my Triple Captain Chip on Harry Kane in GW32.

Tonight we’ll be recording a podcast on the FFGeek Patreon site and posting it on Thursday 1st April so sign up for the new month on the 1st April and you can hear myself, Chris Tucker and Rob Reid discuss what we’ll be doing for the new fixtures

There will also be more contributor articles over Thursday and Friday to get their views.

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