draft fantasy football – a few thoughts before draft day

With the fantasy football geek’s team draft day on Draft Fantasy Football coming up on August 3rd here’s a few more thoughts on strategies to employ and to avoid

draft fantasy football – a few thoughts before draft day

So a few contributors and friends of fantasy football geek will be doing draft day on August 3rd.

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Fantasy football Draft

Premier league transfers in and out

When putting together your draft order and when in the actual draft itself be wary of players who maybe transferred out of the premier league or be replaced by someone coming in.   That’s especially so if, like us, your draft is completed with nearly a month before the transfer window closes

Diego Costa is probably the most obvious example of someone who probably won’t be there come the end of the transfer window.

Potential transfers out 

Here’s some potential transfers out of the league.  I’ve also covered some inter premier league transfers

Alexis Sanchez

Probably the biggest name under a transfer cloud.  He’s also yet to play a pre-season game.  His potential to go abroad is limited but even if he goes to Man City he will surely be rotated more than he is at Arsenal.  That transfer would probably have a knock on effect of Sane’s gametime


Rumours surround him and Barcelona.  I expect him to be a quite high round pick


Roma seems to be interested here.

Van Dijk

A move from Southampton to Man City, Liverpool or Man Utd could be a positive thing here although there could be uncertainty over the first couple of gameweeks


Lastest rumours are Chelsea and Spurs.  He will surely be rotated here


Chelsea rumours continue.  Sounds good in theory but he will go from being the main man at Swansea to a backup at best at Chelsea


For those playing the Kante rule Matic looks certain to go abroad

Potential transfers in

Here are some potential transfers into the league as well as some inter league transfers:


Chelsea LWB Alonso will be a big favourite but the Sandro transfer rumours still persist.

Perisic to Man Utd

The transfer rumours continue.  The speedster has to make Rashford and Martial nervous about their potential place on the flanks

Keita to Liverpool

For those with the Kante rule the continued pursuit of Keita will be a risk for Henderson and Can owners

Nice CB Seri

This has to have implications for Mustafi and Monreal/Kolasinac  if one of them only is moved to the wingback position

Sigurdsson to Everton

This will mean an improvement in club but will he monopolise set pieces and have penalty duties as he does at Swansea.  Conversley it could make Tom Carroll of Swansea more valuable


There are a number of players with short term injuries who could still be valuable over a season especially if you buy their temporary replacement in later rounds


Hazard will be out a few weeks.  Willian the likely replacement

Danny Rose

He could potentially only be out for a week although we have heard this before.  Ben Davies the likely replacement


Could be fit for the start of the season.  Salah will benefit from that although he could be an early round pick anyway.


The Man City LB could be out for a couple of weeks.  Danilo is the likely replacement and quite a versatile player for a later round pick.


May not make it for GW1.  Abraham the likely replacement

Double ups 

One of the ways to cover yourself for injuries in the future is to pick the potential replacement in later rounds.  This will be particularly relevant for strikers who are a rare breed.  Here’s some examples

Morata and Batshuyai

Kane and Janssen

Gayle and Mitrovic

Berahino and Crouch

Llorente and Abraham

The Kante rule

Our league won’t have the Kante rule.  It would allow a wider choice of player which is a good thing especially if you have a large number of managers in your league.  However it does mean that you are varying from the fantasy premier league game and have to take on an additional layer of knowledge.  Whether you do that will probably depend on the knowledge of the people you’re playing with and the size of the manager group

Your original selection won’t define your season 

Alot of stuff I’ve been reading suggests that the initial draft team you end up with doesn’t determine your season.  I think that’s one of the advantages of an early draft date.  Things can change alot.  You may think that unpredictability doesn’t reward research and planning but you can see above that it is possible to factor in a risk element to your choices and hedge against it.  Once the season starts free agents and waivers will help you improve your team.  Also the ability to trade with other managers gives that room to improve your team

FFGeek draft date

As I said above our draft date is Thursday 3rd August.  I’ll do an article the next day with the team I draft

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3 thoughts on “draft fantasy football – a few thoughts before draft day

  1. We know draft strategy is to first pick FWD, then GKP, then MID and only then DEF.

    When all the premium FWD are picked should I keep picking FWD (even though they are lower range guys like chicarito, rooney, gyle etc.) or pick one or two premium mids first like sanchez, alli, coutinho, etc. or keep picking FWD until I 3 good ones.

    Basically which is more valuable in Draft as 2nd or 3rd pick:
    a) chicarito, rooney, gyle, vardy, defoe, king, benteke
    b) sanchez, alli, coutinho, mane, eriksen, hazard, KDB

  2. FWD, GK, MID, DEF is a generalisation, if it was followed religiously and you have the last pick of the of the third round you can pick your 3rd striker in the final round as he will still be available then.

    A more sophisticated method used in NFL drafting is value above best free agent. Say you are in a 10 team league, then 30 strikers will be drafted meaning the 31st best striker will be a free agent (that you can pick up after the draft if you want). You might think Afobe is the 31st best striker, so you then decide how much better than that the likes of Rooney and Chicarito are. In a similar way you might decide Iwobi is the 51st best midfielder (and hence the best free agent), you then decide how much value Alli, Coutinho and the likes provide over Iwobi. You then pick whoever provide the most value over the best free agent in their position.

  3. so far my team is:
    forster (fabianski)
    valencia, milner, aspi (tripier, rangel)
    sanchez, ince, musa, diame (murphy)
    lukaku, joselu, morata

    can someone please give me some options with how to improve my midfield as i know it needs so improvment. cheers.

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