draft fantasy football – a review after the FFGeek draft night

Last night was the FFGeek draft night for draft fantasy football at DraftFantasyFootball.co.uk.  Here,  I’m going to review the experience and what I’m planning now

draft fantasy football – a review after the FFGeek draft night

So for the avoidance of doubt we played www.draftfantasyfootball.co.uk as opposed to the Official FPL version

Fantasy football Draft

Preparation for the draft

I had my draft order separated into the different positions handwritten with the results ready to be put into larger boxes.  This caused great merriment on twitter.

draft fantasy football

 Our league consisted of 7 managers with a couple represented by the draft fantasy football auto pick. It was a snake draft ie people pick in turn with no budget.  This seemed simpler than the auction draft for a first time.  Most were from the UK so I set it up to be 8pm on Thursday night to give everyone adequate preparation time and to be at home.  One thing to remember is that the draft order is generated randomly and not the order that you see when you go into the draft room.  The order is then reversed. In the draft you had 30 seconds to pick and then it auto picks for you in the order set up by the site.

In the draft were:

Rob Reid (the FPL Vet), Simon Rowley (Sun Pundit), Joseph Crilley (regular contributor and Spurs fan), David Brown (our Man City season ticket holder on the ground)  Paul Michael Jones and Shayne Ellis (regular site visitors)

The Draft itself

I ended up 2nd in the draft order.  Rob was first and surprisingly for me picked Lukaku so of course I went for Kane.

You soon realise that 30 seconds isn’t along time so in the draft I ended up with 4 auto picks as I prevaricated too long.  Some managers aren’t present but are getting their team via auto picks.  With them it’s hard to keep track of the picks taken as they immediately take the next pick without any delay.  In the end my nicely handwritten sheet was substituted for scrolling up and down those players left on the website.

7 managers is quite a good number because you end up with a fairly acceptable squad plus a decent pool of free agents to work with.  I think I calculated that my squad in FPL terms would have cost £107m or so.  There’s only 3 picks outside last seasons top 6 and 1 of those was an auto pick.

In theory with 15 players for each team and and 7 managers in the room that’s 105 players.  If you assume it is 30 seconds per player that’s 52 minutes that the draft should take.  However with the auto picks and alot of decisiveness it ended up being no more than half that

One thing I would say is that it doesn’t take long to run out of strikers so make sure you get on them asap and definitely as your first pick.

At least 1 maybe 2 wing backs are a good idea as well as they went quickly.

My team

Here’s the team I went with.  I’m ashamed to say that Mane, Mahrez, Fabregas and Mustafi are prevarication resulting auto picks when I ran out of time.

draft fantasy football

So can’t complain too much.  3 of the auto picks I wouldn’t have picked in Mahrez, Fabregas and Mustafi.  Unfortunately there’s not much attaking potential in defence.  Walker, Trippier, Kolasinac, Valencia all went fairly quickly.

Here’s Joseph Crilleys team which I like.  His was an actual pick team. As he said on twitter he needs the Spurs medical team to get to work.

draft fantasy football

Here’s Simon Rowley’s auto pick team as he couldn’t make it.

draft Fantasy Football

Slimani, Karious, Danilo and an injured Coleman aren’t ideal but could be alot worse.

So what now?

Firstly, I’ve already put in a trade request offering Mustafi for Vertonghen as I have a Spurs defensive gap.  I know Joseph won’t be giving up Alderweireld and no person in their right mind will trade Trippier so Vertonghen seems the right place to start.   You can trade in this format as opposed to the official one.

I’ve had a scan around the free agents this morning and seen that Ben Davies is available as a free agent but he doesn’t seem worth taking someone else for.  I did think about getting him and seeing if I could tempt Joseph into a trade to cover Rose while he’s injured but it seems a little convoluted.  Ince is also available as a free agent as are Sandro Ramirez, Llorente and not surprisingly Diego Costa.

2 players are on waivers in Yaya Toure and Ward Prowse.  There is a waiver  request being processed at 10am today and next Tuesday but neither excite me.

So I’ll be checking the waivers and free agents and trades regularly and new transfers to see if there is anything to be done to improve the team over the next week

Good luck to anyone playing

If you think you’d enjoy a draft version try the new way of playing fantasy premier league football by clicking DraftFantasyFootball.co.uk here or on the banner below. It’s free to play.

Fantasy football Draft

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3 thoughts on “draft fantasy football – a review after the FFGeek draft night

  1. Thanks for including me Geek, really enjoyed the whole process.

    For full disclosure, my team ended up as follows:

    Cech (Ars), Ederson (Mcy)
    Milner (Liv), Trippier (Tot), Azpilicueta (Che), Stones (Mcy), Dawson (Wba)
    Ozil (Ars), Zaha (Cry), Arnautovic (Whu), Antonio (Whu), Herrera (Mun)
    Jesus (Mcy), Morata (Che), Hernandez (Whu)

    I’m happy as it’s a very decent team, but like Geek there’s a few unintended autopicks there due to technical issues resulting in my time running out. Arnautovic, Ederson and Anonio were all taken in quick succession as a result of this issue. Ederson was a particular source of frustration for me as he joined the team much earlier than I would have ever considered a second keeper.

    Since the draft, I’ve been trying to trade off some of the West Ham contingient as being so reliant on them isn’t ideal with Man Utd up first. Unsurprisingly though, the other managers have been a bit wary to trade given that the Hammers attack is very much a wait and see. However, after the Man Utd game in GW1 they have some fairly decent fixtures so I’ll continue to debate that one up until kick off and beyond.

    Cheers all, can’t wait to see how the season pans out.

  2. Hate to say this FFG, but I will not be letting Danny Rose go! I’m hoping he can be fit for GW3 and should be straight back in the team. Perhaps if you’re willing to give up Kane, we can talk!

    I’m pretty happy with my team as it seems fairly balanced so should be capable of picking up decent points each week. I would’ve liked one of the Liverpool boys in midfield but had to settle for Firmino in the end. Hopeful that lanzini can continue his progress now Payet has left and, once fit, Son can return to the form he hit at the end of last season.

    All in all, fun evening and would recommend others trying to set up a league and get involved! Cheers for organising FFG and looking forward to the season.

  3. 14 person pick I was fifth. Team worth 93m….


    Quite happy considering number of people involved

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