draft fantasy football – some draft player order thoughts

Here’s an update on draft fantasy football at FFGeek.  With a few contributors and friends of the site we’ve started a league and I’ve got a rough draft order started. 

draft fantasy football – some draft player order thoughts


Fantasy football Draft

You may have seen my article last week where I announced that I was partnering with www.draftfantastfootball.co.uk to bring draft fantasy football to FFGeek.

Well since then I’ve got 10 contributors and friends of the site to enter into a league, We’ve got a draft date  and I’ve had a first go at my draft player order

A reminder of the basics

Here’s a reminder the basic concept. In Draft Fantasy Football each manager in your league  picks a unique squad of players in what is known as “the draft“. The draft progresses turn by turn until all squads are filled up. You pick a lineup each week and score points based on your teams player performances.

There’s no salary cap and only 1 manager can own a player.  Once the season starts you can refresh your squad through trading players with other managers, transferring in free agents and transferring in players who become available through waivers

The first thing to do is go to the site using this draftfantasyfootball link. You can then create or join a league. A league will involve up to 16 managers. League options are classic points scoring or head to head. The leagues are also public or private. Initial squads of 15 players are chosen in the draft.   The squad will be 15 players and set up like this:

Between 1 – 2 Goalkeeper
Also between 3 – 6 Defenders
Between 3 – 6 Midfielders
Between 3 – 6 Forwards

Each week your team will be 11 players in the usual formations with a bench of 4 players of subs to come on if needed.

The FFGeek contributors league

I’ve set up a league for FFGeek contributors and friends of the site.  These include Rob Reid (the FPL Vet, Alex Ball and Joseph Crilley (Spurs man), Stephen Toumi and David Brown (Man City supporter)

Our live draft is set up for August 3rd at 8pm UK time and I may even have a live access of some sort

My draft order

If you can’t make your league live draft for any reason then there is an auto pick on the site.  That will make the selections for you in an order selected by the draft fantasy football site.  You can also input your own draft order in advance if you think you’re not going to make your live draft.  I’ve done one but since I’m certain to be there I wont be inputting it.

I have made a draft order for different positions.  What’s interesting from that is the lack for forwards and goalkeepers.  I’m not so worried about GKs.  I’ll get one in the draft and having done that in the worst case I could just get his reserve.

My draft order is very indicative and just so when the live draft is happening I can tick off players that are picked by others and myself.  That will enable me to see how my team is getting filled up and where I need to concentrate next and whats left.

Stuff to think about

The conundrum I can see which needs more thought is the bench.  How much guaranteed gametime do you want on your bench to cover injuries and get the best fixtures for your players each week versus how many players can you keep on your bench in the hope that they break into the team.  I could mention someone like Fabregas or Martial.  Neither are great starting prospects but should they  become first team regulars they could have good returns.  Do I try and draft them or just hope I’m quick enough to pick them up as a free agent or in the waivers.

The other issue on my mind is what order of positions to draft people in.  Premium forwards look to be first on the list as they will probably go after the first round.  In my draft order for forwards the manager with the 10th pick will get Vardy.  However, the person with the 10th pick though will then pick first next so you’re probably going for a premium midfielder ie Sanchez at that time otherwise  all the real premium mids will be gone.  I’m making some sweeping statements but you see the point.

All stuff to ponder.

Any way here’s my draft order by different positions.  It is very indicative for the live draft and will depend on who picks who but it is a handy starter for 10.  It will also be useful to tick off players as they go.

draft fantasy football

draft fantasy football

draft fantasy football

draft fantasy football

draft fantasy football

That’s it I’ll give another update next week

Try the new way of playing fantasy premier league football by clicking DraftFantasyFootball.co.uk here or on the banner below. It’s free to play.

Fantasy football Draft

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10 thoughts on “draft fantasy football – some draft player order thoughts

  1. Geek! Just sent you an e-mail invite to join my standard ‘The Rotating Potatoheads H2H’ league.
    You’re welcome to join (to make up my numbers!!) I’m gonna be trying to stick to cheapish (4.5/5.0) Defence and (5.5/6.0) Midfield HOME rotations etc. (Although I will probably stick to just one static GK!!!)

    Ps. I’m NOT playing the new draft game this year (brain overload!!!!)

  2. Great article… Love the table you created of players! Defiantly print them off for my own draft leagues….

    Also the lack of premium strikers is a problem especially if your selection is low in your draft leagues!

  3. Great article listing the options and pick order. But I still have way too many questions about the draft:

    1. Do we still have the limit of max 3 players from 1 team?

    2. How many free agents can 1 team swap in each game week?

    3. What if there are more than 1 team trying to swap in the same free agent? Who gets him?

    4. Still not clear on Waivers. Looks like free agent to me. I read about unlimited number of Waivers can be made each week. Sounds very tedious as I need to do a long and possibly similar Waivers list every week to get the players that could be released by other team. As if anyone would release Lukaku, well unless he gets a long term injury

    5. I am pretty sure I read about the rule that disallows direct trading between teams, which is different from what written in this article

    • Which draft game are you looking at using Topspin? Some of your queries sound like they refer to the Official FPL draft, whereas FFGeek’s article is about Draft fantasy football which is a different format.

      • Pardon me. I was referring to the official draft game. My bad. But I would like to find out the answers

        • I’m not 100% when it comes to the official fpl draft rules but my own interpretation is this:
          1. No max limit of players from 1 team (have seen a mock draft online confirming this).
          2. Can trade as many free agents as you like each week as they are unrestricted. Can make a whole new team if thats what you want, although its highly unlikely that you’ll ever want more than 1 or 2 if you draft well.
          3. Free agents will be first come, first serve so you’ll need to be on the ball.
          4. Waivers are a bit more complicated. For the official game, my understanding is that once a gw starts all players not already owned will go onto the waivers list. All managers can then place an offer for these players. These waivers get processed 24 hours before the next gw starts, with the last place team getting their first offer processed, then the 2nd to last, and so on. After an offer has been accepted, that manager moves to the end of the list & the process starts again for any 2nd waiver offers made in that same gameweek. Any players not picked up on waivers after the process has finished will then become free agents.
          5. Official game has NO TRADING between managers.

          Hope that helps, if only a little.

  4. I think you’ve missed a trick. Many draft leagues will have the “Kante Rule” turned on. This means players like Kante will score big points (Kante would have got 109 more points last season). There’s a few players who will do very well from this.

    • Am trying the Kante rule otion with a group of mates this year. Certainly opens up the player pool with defensive midfielders suddenly becoming top picks, while closing the drop off in points between the positions.

      Also highlights who the harder working attackers are, which is useful info for some other fantasy games 😉

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