Dream Team World Cup – striker player rankings


Here’s our dream team world cup article where we rank the strikers in the Sun Dream Team format based on their stats, fixtures and whoscored ratings

 Dream Team World Cup – striker player rankings

This is the third of the Sun player rankings articles. Here’s the link to the Defender and Goalkeepers rankings and then midfield player rankings.  You may have already seen our rules and initial draft team article


I’ve factored in 4 different elements:

Total bookies odds to win games in the group stage.  This gives an indication of how good the fixtures are

The appearances and goals in qualification – This is to give some indication on recent form

Club stats – This is to give an indication of how prolific their club output is

Whoscored ratings –  You’ll see from my rules and initial draft team article that player ratings (which are done by whoscored) are an important part of the points process.  So I’ve included the whoscored rating from their domestic league campaign.  Now obviously the Ronaldo for Madrid compared to Ronaldo for Portugal isn’t like for like but it gives you an indication of whether they, as a player, are liked or not by the who scored ratings system.


Grp W odds – This is an amalgamation of the odds to win each game within the Group. It is to give an indication of the fixture difficulty for each team within their Group.  The lower the odds the better obviously.

A in Q – Appearances in qualifying matches

Gls in Q – Goals in qualifying matches

Club starts and sub – The starts in League matches only for the 17/18 season for their clubs plus sub appearances.

Goals and assists – The Goals in those league matches only.

Mins G/A – The minutes it took in League for a goal or assist to happen.

WSCD – The whoscored.com rating.  See approach above for a further explanation.


The schedule maybe hard to read on a phone so here’s the link to the google spreadsheet. You can copy and paste it and then amend as you wish.

dream team world cup

What stands out for me is Messi and Neymar.  These stats also make a compelling case for Ronaldo after the Spain fixture.  Jesus also seems a decent price.

Hope it helps you pick your team

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