This is a player review of all the fantasy premier league players in the Spain v France Euro 2012 quarter final.

Spain won this game convincingly 2-0. The first half saw France sit back deep and just look at Spain pass the ball around.  Do completely nothing other than watch in Florent Maloudas case. In the second half France pressed the ball with far more conviction and made the game scrappy, although they didnt really threat to get back in it.  The possession stats were relatively low for Spain at 57%  although the shot count at 15-6 was probably more representative.

There were a number of fantasy premier league players involved in this game.

Lets start with:



Not as high up the pitch as the Croatia game but still fairly effective on the right side.  Subbed after 65 minutes.  As I’ve said, not my ideal type of fantasy premier league player as more assist based rather than shot based but still a possibility of being in my starting team due to kind early fantasy premier league fixtures fixtures.  A high participation rate in Euro 2012 will probably see greater rotation than last year so that and that plus the possibility of new signing means he is a monitor at the moment.


Came on after 67 minutes for Fabregas.  Gave them a different perspective playing on the shoulder of the last defender instead of the false number 9 of Fabregas.  Did have chances but just not sharp enough to take advantage.

Not really on my radar in fantasy premier league.  Shot stats were abysmal last year.  The purchase of Hazard and the likely purchase of Hulk put question marks over his time on the pitch even if De Matteo plays with a front 3.  Not a fan on current form.



Made some good interceptions and blocks plus carried the ball forward purposefully.

In fantasy premier league there will be some selection questions with Mertersacker back in contention. Hard to see what he brings to fantasy premier league comapared to Vermaelens attacking threat and hopefully Gibbs value.


Didn’t get forward enough which wasn’t helped by Arbeloa pushing so far up.

As far as fantasy premier league is concerned, although he had a great finish to the season his base stats suggested over performance rather than any sudden turn of production.  Like everyone in the City defence, has a rotation threat and lost out to easy home games to Kolarov. Good fixtures to start the season but a fantasy premier league monitor at best.


Has had a fantastic Euro 2012 as well as a fantastic fantasy premier league season.  Couldn’t replicate it in this game and struggled to get involved in the game.

Not a fantasy premier league option early on for me as faced with difficult opening fixtures.  Can’t help feeling Newcastle over performed and their defensive nature, plus ability to produce woeful away form makes me nervous of anyone in their team for the upcoming fantasy premier league season.


Woeful.  Subbed after 64 mins.  Passing was poor and  non existent defensively.  This was especially the case for the opening goal where he just watched Alonso waltz in for a free header.

No an option in fantasy premier league terms as a bench role or a release beckons.


Came on too late at 64 mins to make a difference and didnt exactly bust a gut for the cause in any case.

In fantasy premier league terms, rotation is the key problem although immensely talented and able to contribute goals and assists when on form.  His 2010-2011 form of 10 goals and 1 assist in 30 games showed what a quality fantasy premier league player he was.  Only diluted by a tired finish to that season.  Has the potential to be an exceptional fantasy premier league player if given a run.


Not a fantasy premier league player yet but looking likely given Wengers statements. Only played the last 11 minutes so couldnt make an impression.

Not on my fantasy premier league radar at the moment due to RVP’s presence.  Does have form though with 21 goals and 9 assists in 36 games for Montpellier.  However, doesn’t seem to fit in to the front 3 system of Arsenals at present but should RVP leave it wouldnt suddenly get interesting. This would especially be the case if his fantasy premier league price reflected being only an impact sub which is what he will probably be destined for if RVP stays.

Catch you for the England game tomorrow.