Nothing like sitting back with 43% possession, being behind in the shot count 21-13 and have a legitimate goal disallowed but a wins a win and England progresses.

Here’s a view on a few of the players in this Euro 2012 game from a fantasy premier league perspective.

John Terry

Had a great game with loads of interceptions and blocks so would have been looking for bonus points under the barclays format.  Did lose his man for the “goal” but one of the few mistakes.  Is a rather expensive option for next year in fantasy premier league  and with De Matteo staying as manager you’ve got to think there will be respect for the clean sheet.  I will be looking at the right back position for value.   Had an off target header from a corner as well and does have attacking potential to add to the mix as well.  This was showed by his 3 goals last year showed.

Glen Johnson

Got forward on a number of occasions and defended relatively solidly.  His attacking prowess makes him an option for next year,albeit a very expensive one, and my initial view is that Rodgers will improve Liverpools defence.

Stephen Gerrard.

Another Euro 2012 game, another assist from his centre midfield position which is relatively deep compared to his Liverpool position.  Personally I think he wanders around too much for the Roy Hodgson way of playing.  His prospects for fantasy premier league next year depend on where the new manager sees  him playing. Another question is how will his position be affected if Sigurdsson signs as its hard to see him playing anywhere except behind the striker.

Ashley Young

Was a real threat with his crossing and my man of the match in this Euro 2012 game. Didn’t really look like a goal threat though which was the only negative.

I would always have Nani in my fantasy premier league team ahead of Young but his shooting stats are normally reasonably good although he is another midfielder who relys on others converting his key passes. Rotation is a problem as well.  Very much a monitor for next year.

Wayne Rooney  

His touch was poor and he was wasteful in possession and didn’t really contribute much but he scored and that in the end was all that mattered.  Rooney can be absolutely fantastic and he can be poor but hes always a goal threat and this game was no exception.  Despite a poor game he still had 3 gilt edged chances to score and thats why RVP is the only striker ahead of him in fantasy football

Danny Welbeck

Quiet game and not surprised he was subbed.  As far as next year he has reasonably good shooting stats but rotation means something would have to change before he could be considered for my fantasy premier league team.

See you on the weekend for more Euro 2012.