Euro 2020 fantasy football team tips – FFGeek Contributor Kris O’s first draft team


Here’s our Euro 2020 Fantasy Football team tips article with FFGeek Contributor Kris O and his first draft team

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Team Tips – Kris O’s First Draft Team

We’ll be doing a load of articles for the Euro 2020 fantasy here. Here’s the link to the site

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My first draft and a few notes:

The first thing I’d say is I don’t follow international football outside of tournaments; though I’ve used a recent train trip to read up to help pull together a strategy and team.

One thing I’ve avoided is any players from France or Germany who play each other in the first game. The result of this game will be key for games two and three e.g. if France don’t win it’s likely they’ll need their A team for the final two games.

In terms of chip strategy I’m going to try and hold at least one of the chips to the knockout stages, and if possible both. So my draft team has the objective of potentially getting me through the Group stages without using any Chips

Here’s the draft team

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Team Tips


Hradecky at 4.0 is a bargain and helpfully plays before my Dutch Keeper Krul who appears first choice and another bargain at 4.5.


I’m filling my defence with five 4.5 defenders. Currently Denayer playing for Belgium is my first choice, plus Torres at Spain who seems the best pick from the teams in groups E and F (and therefore plays later to give me options to switch the team during the matchday). I’m then picking three from: Celik (Turkey), Elvedi (Switzerland), Mehle (Denmark), Alioski (Nth Macedonia) and Wijndal (Holland). If Wijndal is a guaranteed starter I’d move to him from Alioski; who is apparently on pens, though I can’t see any clean sheets for North Macedonia.


There seems to be a good range of options with only a handful of premiums. I’ve spread my money to give five players who could all return.

  • Eriksen 9.0: on pens for Denmark;
  • Alba 5.5: heavily involved with goals for Austria
  • Larsson 6.0: on pens
  • Berghuis 7.0: from what I’ve read highly rated and should start in a front three for Holland.
  • Chiesa 7.0: again highly rated for Italy, plus as he’s playing in the first game I can sell him before the deadline if he doesn’t start


I’ve gone big with Kane, Lukaku and Ronaldo. As they play on different days they will be my captains – albeit I’ll start with Chiesa, and Larsson can have a go before Ronaldo if Kane and Lukaku don’t do the job.

I’m sure this will change before kick off but hopefully it gives you a few thoughts for your team.

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