Euro 2020 fantasy teams – Kev in Canada’s draft teams and Chip Strategy


Here’s our Euro 2020 teams article with FFGeek Contributor Kev in Canada’s draft teams plus he looks at different Chip strategies and how that affects your proposed team

Euro 2020 Fantasy Teams – Kev In Canada’s Draft Teams And Chip Strategy

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The team that we start with should really be built around which chip strategy you are going to use. See the Geeks articles on rules if you need any further detail

We know there are two chips, Limitless (great movie with Bradley Cooper and De Niro by the way if you haven’t seen it), and Wild Card.

Firstly the Wildcard

Wildcard after the Round of 16

For me, I think that using the Wildcard right after the knockout round that brings us from 16 teams to 8 teams will be by far the most useful time to use it. We will be losing 8 teams worth of players and will only be given 3 transfers, with no other ‘unlimited team transfer period’ left in the game too. So no matter which strategy I decide to go for, that is when I will use my Wildcard. I have heard others that want to use it in MD3, as there will be rotation. I get that, however I can envision a scenario with upsets and such that we end up needing to use 6, 7 or 8 transfers after the knockout stage goes from 16 to 8 teams. It just seems prudent to save it for this week.

Limitless MD2 or MD3: meaning 2 different teams

Two very different scenarios need different teams. Playing Limitless in MD2 would be to take advantage of all of the teams still playing their strongest lineups and utilizing the ‘unlimited funds’ component of the chip. While using it in MD3 would be more to limit the fact some teams that have gone up 2-0 will likely rest players and so we need to try to ‘fix’ the existing lineups we have in that scenario (similar thought to the folks that want to WC MD3).

In each scenario, if you know you will play the Limitless chip in one or the other of MD2 or MD3, there is one more advantage to the chip. You can build your initial team and focus some of your lineup on teams that will play their toughest fixture in the MD that you are playing the chip. This will allow you to have them in your lineup when they play their two ‘easier’ fixtures, and they won’t be there when they play the top seed team. (Eg. Eriksen plays Belgium in MD2. If you are going to use Limitless in MD2, you can have Eriksen in your team for MD1 vs Finland and MD3 vs Russia and avoid the tricky MD2 fixture all together). You can then round out the team with the top seed players that are great picks in any game, like England, Netherlands, Italy, etc.

Team 1: Play Limitless Chip in MD2

Teams that play tough opponents in MD2 to take advantage of:

Switzerland (Italy in MD2)

Denmark (Belgium in MD2)

Austria (Netherlands in MD2)

Scotland (England in MD2)

Poland (Spain in MD2)

In this strategy, I also view the ‘top’ clubs a little differently too, as I assume that they have a good chance of going up 2-0 through the first two Match Days. This is significant because after the Limitless chip ends, the team reverts back to the MD1 state it was in. So I think limiting only one or two players from Netherlands, Italy, England, Spain and Belgium could probably save you a headache if the team is likely to rotate heavily in MD3.

Also, you don’t want to gamble too heavily on cheap ‘maybe they start maybe they don’t type players’ like the 4.5M defender for Netherlands or someone like that. As you will already be dealing with potential rotation issues in MD3. You don’t want to have to deal with those non-playing issues as well with only 2 (maybe 3 if one is carried forward but the rules aren’t clearly stated) transfers on the other end of the chip.

Here is the ‘Limitless MD2’ template team with a few notes:

Euro 2020 Fantasy Teams


Jun 11 Bonucci, Jun 12 Eriksen, Jun 13 Arnautovic, Jun 14 Lewandovski, Jun 15 Ronaldo.

First of all you will notice I have only two premiums while most other contributors have 3. My thought is that I will still have 3 other chances to ‘HIT’ on a Captain in MD1 before Lewandovski gets Slovakia and then finally, Ronaldo gets to Captain against Hungary, which is arguably the best captain option on paper MD1 anyway.

This allows me to have 13 chances to return for the MD in outfield, vs a more imbalanced lineup. This is especially important as you see how high quality the Defenders are with only Denayer being 4.5M. A lot of templates I see are going super expensive on Forward with dirt cheap defenders. I think getting some attacking returns from defenders will be important for a good score in this game, as you get 5 defender kicks at the can each MD. 5 attempts should yield an assist or goal a MD you would hope.

The targeted team representation is as follows:

Poland x 1, Austria x 2, Denmark x 1, Switzerland x 2, and Scotland x 1. The two or three transfers that I will then have to change the ‘stronger team’ players around at the end for England x 1, Netherlands x 2, Italy x 1, Belgium x 1, Spain x 1 and Portugal x 1; shouldn’t be too much of a burden hopefully. If there are no issues whatsoever, I would ideally turn Ronaldo into Kane vs. Czech and Lewandovski into Depay to attack North Macedonia in MD3.

I would then deploy the Limitless chip in MD2, stacking the team with premiums (such as 3 x France vs Hungary) to take advantage of all of them still playing for something.

Team 2: Play Limitless Chip in MD3

Teams that play tough opponents in MD3 to take advantage of:

Wales (Italy in MD3)

Finland (Belgium in MD3)

North Macedonia (Netherlands in MD3)

Czech Republic (England in MD3)

Slovakia (Spain in MD3)

Portugal (France in MD3)

France (Portugal in MD3)

In this strategy, I am not as worried about limiting exposure to any top club, as they should all be playing their top lineup in MD1 and MD2. So I could triple up on Netherlands or Spain or whomever. Also, Portugal and France each get a crack at Hungary and I am not as worried about Germany between you and me. If anything though, I would just start with Ronaldo and maybe swap him to Mbappe MD2. I doubt I would have too much exposure but perhaps Jota is too attractive so maybe a Portugal double MD1.

Here is the team with a few notes:

Euro 2020 Fantasy Teams

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