Euro 2020 fantasy tips – the FFGeek Team draft 3


Here’s our Euro 2020 tips article with the latest draft of the FFGeek team after the friendlies and various chatter have thrown up some uncertainties

Euro 2020 fantasy Tips – The FFGeek Team Draft 3

We’ll be doing a load of articles for the Euro 2020 fantasy here. Here’s the link to the site

There’s a FFGeek league use the league code 49KWOPI907 to copy and paste into the join league section

Also see my article on the rules


This is my 3rd draft

Here’s my previous draft

Remember I’m using the limitless chip Matchday 2 and the wildcard matchday 3 and just hoping for the best on Round of 16 to quarters. You can see the chip rules in the rules link above.

It means my opening team is only concerned with Matchday 1

I will post an updated team on Friday and a very quick final team after the Italy/Turkey team sheet is announced

Remember you can substitute players over the days of the matchday. That’s why Ronaldo and Jota are on the bench

The latest draft FFGeek Team

Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips

The Changes

Insigne Italy £8.5m mid out and Chiesa Italy £7.0m mid in

This is purely a fund saving measure for moves elsewhere. The problem is that Chiesa didn’t start in the 1 meaningful friendly against the Czech Republic. It’s a downturn in goalscoring odds from £2.80 to £3.25

Interestingly Chiesa’s place was taken by £6.0m mid Berardi who’s £2.60 to score.

We will see the Italy lineup before the deadline so hopefully either Chiesa or Berardi starts which will be ok for me

Burghuis Holland £7.0m mid out to Eriksen Denmark £9.0m mid in

Burghuis hasn’t started either of the friendlies and the person taking his place is Weghorst who’s a forward so no help there.

So I’ve decided to do a big upgrade to Eriksen who’s an impressive £2.62 which is very good for a mid to score and gives me a captain option in day 2 when I don’t have a Belgium attacking player

Pepe Portugal £5.0m Def out to Bednarek Poland £4.5m Def in

Another funding change although the clean sheet odds for both games are £1.95 so nothing lost in theory. Bednarek didn’t play the first friendly but it appears it was a reserve team playing so there’s still one more to play.

Krul Netherlands £4.5m GK out to Cakir Turkey £4.5m GK in

Unfortunately I’m a little nervous about the Krul situation. Stekelenburg and him have played 1 friendly each and I’ve heard some unsubstantiated chat that Stekelneburg may even be first choice.

The problem is that Krul goes second after Hradecky who to complicate matters further is only £4.0m so no swap there. With the Netherlands playing in the evening I can’t sub him in as if he doesn’t play I lose whatever Hradecky points I have. So looking round the GKs in the end I went for the Turkish GK Cakir although I don’t like the conflict with my Italian Captain

It’s a big clean sheet odds drop from £1.95 to £4.80. He’s not completely safe having only played 1 of the 3 friendlies but I’ll see the lineup confirmation before the deadline.

I could have gone Marshall of Scotland who’s £2.75 for the clean sheet. He plays after Finland and the first game on the matchday so it will be a safe. He is in competition with Gordon so I’ll be able to see whether to make the sub or not.

I may change it to Marshall we’ll see. There are save points so clean sheet odds are not everything

Captain Path

Obviously you can change captains as you go if you don’t like their score

Day 1 – Chiesa

Day 2 – Eriksen

Day 3 – Kalajdzic

Day 4 – Lewandoski

Day 5 – Ronaldo

Friendlies check

All my players have played all the friendlies as of Tuesday morning except

Chiesa – discussed above we’ll see the lineup

Cakir – missed 1 but we’ll see the lineup before the deadline

Hradecky – missed one but not worried seems nailed

Lewandoski and Bednarek – both missed the first reserve team friendly but I’m not worried

There are still more to come

The Bookies odds for goalscoring and clean sheets

The odds are as of Tuesday except for the Austria goalscorer odds which aren’t available today so they are Sundays

Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips

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