Euro fantasy final tips – Stephen Troops and the FFGeek team for the Final


Here’s our Euro Fantasy Final tips article with Stephen Troops and the FFGeek teams for the final

Euro Fantasy Final Tips – Stephen Troops And The FFGeek Team For The Final

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Stephen Troop

Semi Finals Review

Semi Finals Points: 29, Total points: 374, Overall Rank: 2k

Here’s the points:

Euro Fantasy Final Tips

Draft Unconfirmed Final Team

Proposed transfers

F Torres Out for Chiesa In

Maehle Out for Emerson In

Schick Out for Calvert-Lewin In

Kimmich Out for Mount In

P Torres Out for Bonucci In

Here’s the unconfirmed lineup. Bonucci will play instead of Stones

Euro Fantasy Final Tips


Semi Finals Review

Semi Finals Points: 34, Total points: 325, Overall Rank: 92k

Here’s the points:

Euro Fantasy Final Tips

So very hard to make up ground at this stage and to make up any ground you probably needed to have Morata, Chiesa or Damsgaard. I managed to have 1 of the 3 only and it meant I stayed still on a pretty disappointing 92k. If you tried to gamble by thinking one of Italy would be knocked out and tried to make up ground via that route you ended up being disappointed and probably now have some difficulties getting a full team out

At least both games were very watchable.

The Finals Team

So you’ve got a few choices here depending on your objectives. If you want to maintain your rank or want to avoid a big rank drop then as the game is predicted to be fairly close then you could even your team between defence and attack and between England and Italy. That way whatever happens you should get an average type score and hopefully stay roughly where you are.

If you want a final roll of the dice to improve your rank or mini league position then you will probably go all out for 1 team or go for a 5 man block defence on 1 team or both.

Even though with my rank there’s a justification for both I’m going to spread my team fairly evenly between Italy and England and probably going to go for an even 3-3 split on defence and an even balance of attack with Harry Kane as captain

The unconfirmed draft team for the Final

So despite my rather unimpressive rank I’ve gone for spreading the risk rather than the all or nothing approach as I don’t fancy making my rank hugely worse than it is now if I call it wrong. So I’ve spread the team between Italy and England and spread it between attack and defence.

The graphic below is unconfirmed. I’ll probably play 4-4-2 with 3 English in defence and Emerson and Donnarumma the Italian 2. I’ve gone for Jorginho incase there’s a penalty although I could go for Barella. Kane and Immobile will play up front with Kane as captain. If Grealish or Foden start they might tempt me into a reshuffle

Here’s the transfers:

Moreno OUT Belotti IN

Damsgaard OUT Chiesa IN

Maehle OUT Emerson IN

Alba OUT Di Lorenzo IN

Forsberg OUT Jorginho IN

The team likely to lineup as follows

Kane Immobile

Sterling, Insigne, Jorginho, Chiesa

Shaw Maguire Stones, Emerson


Here’s the graphic. Ignore the lineup as it’s unconfirmed I can’t dictate the order

Good luck everyone!

Euro Fantasy Final Tips

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 Euro Fantasy Final Tips

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See also Rob Reid’s team and Kev in Canada and Kris O’s team

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