Euro fantasy team tips – Stephen Troop’s team for the quarter finals


Here’s our Euro Fantasy Team Tips with Stephen Troops team for the quarter finals. Stephen is currently 245th overall

Euro Fantasy Team Tips – Stephen Troop’s Team For The Quarter Finals

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Round of 16 review

RD 16 Pts: 56 Total Points: 293 overall rank: 245th. No wildcard or limitless chip

Here’s the points:

Euro Fantasy Team Tips

A miserable 57 points in what was a brutal last 16 for many of the favourites to progress. It started off well for me with Maehle and a Spinazolla assist and ended with a Forsberg captain return, but the elimination of Netherlands (I had 3), France (I had 2), Portugal (I had Ronaldo), Sweden (I have Forsberg+Ollsen) and Germany (I had Kimmich although much less bothered by this one😁 ) has left me with only 6 players and no wildcard.

Quarter final team

I’ve decided to just hit my way to 11 players and hope it sorts me out to deal with future rounds with free transfers. This has meant a -8 but to have any hope of rising back to top 100 I’ll need a full squad.

So it’s Ronaldo, Depay, Griezmann, Wijnaldum and Kimpembe OUT to Kane, Lukaku, Schick, Sterling, Stones IN. I’ll just hope P Torres plays. Captain plans currently are Lukaku and Kane.

Good luck everyone!

Here’s the lineup:

Euro Fantasy Team Tips

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Euro Fantasy Team Tips

See also Rob Reids team article

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