euro fantasy tips matchday 3 – Kev in Canada’s team for MD3


Here’s our Euro fantasy tips Matchday 3 article with Kev in Canada’s team for Matchday 3. He reviews MD2 and his progress to date plus reveals his MD3 team

Euro Fantasy Tips Matchday 3 – Kev In Canada’s Team For MD3

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Matchday 2 Points

132 points 26k overall rank

Euro Fantasy Tips Matchday 3

Matchday 3 Team

Tough one for MD3, as teams will rotate now. Italy, Netherlands and Belgium all can’t be trusted now in my opinion although at least we will see the Italy lineup tonight before the deadline.

I am going to stick to the plan to save the WC for after the round of 16. I have two free transfers to use for Matchday 3.

I will use the Italy lineup to see if Spinazzola is playing or not and swap Cancelo to him if he doesn’t start.

For Eriksen, I will likely swap him to Gnabry.

Here’s the team

Subject to change for the Italy lineup

Euro Fantasy Tips Matchday 3

Captains (if they start):

June 20 Spinazzola
June 21 Depay
June 22 Mount
June 23 Ronaldo

Good luck!

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