facebook fantasy premier league – my game week 3 team

Heres my facebook fantasy premier league  team for game week 3 after making my 2 transfers

Essentially I’ve transferred Rooney out for RVP and in order to get the funds ive transferred out Tarrabt for Kacaniklic.  He was about the best of the facebook fantasy premier league £6.0m midfielders available.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone at the moment after the transfer window put in Kacaniklic as if Ruiz moves to the wing as a result of the Berba transfer (which is one possibility) or if Richardson plays there then thats him out.  However the advantage of facebook is that with 2 transfers every week its no big deal to do an imperfect transfer to obtain funds.  I would recommend that people wait to just before 12.30 when the West ham and Fulham teams will be announced if they are thinking of this transfer as facebook has the advantage of a late transfer deadline.  Unfortunately that wasnt possible for me plus Rooney’s value had plunged enough.  Unfortunately the scarcity of funds in Facebook fantasy premier league and having Hazard and Ivanovic on the bench means that all the cheapies are playing which means it could be a bit of a lean week .   Anyway enough excuses in advance , good luck to everyone playing this week!

Heres the team:


De Gea








De Guzman

Kacaniklic (Taarabt transferred out to generate funds for RVP)



Tevez (captain)


RVP  (Rooney transferred out)