facebook premier league fantasy football – bargain update

The volatility of prices in facebook premier league fantasy football can be very frustrating but it can also lead to some real bargains if you keep your eye on things. Here’s a few to think about for your facebook premier league fantasy football team


Begovic £7.1m

An absolute steal.  Best of the non elite defences and a Stoke defender is a must have at the moment.


Rose Sunderland £6.0m

Good for clean sheets on home games.  They have reasonable fixtures at the moment and Rose seems to be holding his spot.

Wilkinson Stoke £6.0m

Should be safe in the defence with Wilson injured for 3 months.  Great value but will get no attacking points and will get YC’s

Mertesacker £7.2m

Arsenal have a great defence despite whats being said and while he comes with some gametime risk,  after the Man U game he’s an option.

Baines £10.3m

4 good fixtures to go and attacking returns and clean sheets beckon.  Good value for what should end up the highest scoring defender


Gera £6.0m

Not always in the team but good attacking player when he is.  Southampton and Reading next

Sterling £7.2m

Not great fixtures but a very good price

Pienaar £7.7m

Not much of a shooter but after Fulham away its  SUN H, RDG A, NOR H

Fellaini £7.9m

As for Pienaar except top of the shooting stats


Lukaku WBA £7.1m

Game time risk but incredible talent with Southampton H and Wigan away next

Tevez £9.9m

A ridiculous steal.  Was as low as £9.5m.  He’s cheaper than Rosenberg of WBA!

Hope this gives everyone some tips for the weekend, good luck all!