Fantasy Bundesliga – Kev in Canada’s team and thoughts

Here’s the first of our fantasy Bundesliga articles where FFGeek contributor Kev in Canada gives us some thoughts on players, Fantasy Bundesliga and shows us his team

Fantasy Bundesliga – Kev in Canada’s team and thoughts

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I was a tourist in Germany for Oktoberfest in 2018 and now I guess I am a tourist in the fantasy bundesliga 😆

So far I am really enjoying researching stats, websites and podcasts like a madman.

Hopefully all goes well with their restart and I really hope that the EPL restart can get underway soon too.

What I have learned while researching for Team Leder’hoser’:

-you can change your 3 stars and swap your players around after they play. So staggering playing times is pretty important.

-every true Bundesliga fan seems to hate RB Leipzig for how they bought a 5th div team and essentially bought their way up to the 1 league with super talent… but they have awesome fantasy assets: Werner, Nkunku, Sabitzer, Halstenberg, Angelino. They also only play one top 7 club FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. Have at least two of them.

-Cologne is full of value picks. Especially on D. Just make sure they don’t have COVID, as they were the team to get cases and the main value player in the game (Ismail Jakobs) just returned to training Thursday because he tested positive 14 days ago. It seems he is now fine and might start. If that is the case and we hear that before kick off, get him in.

-The big 3 up front are probably not worth screwing around with. So I am not going to. However, be prepared to not have two of Sancho, Gnabry, Kimmich, etc. as a sacrifice.

-beware of value players that were filling in for an injury pre-pause and won’t be playing now, ie. Zirkzee.

-There are really cheap starting keepers available. Like for 1M. GK don’t score much so I am going for two of them.

Here is the squad as it stands:


•3 big guns up front

fantasy bundesliga

•3 premium mids, 1 oop mid, 1 set piece mid

fantasy bundesliga

•5 value D that all play attacking up the wings

fantasy Bundesliga


•2 starting GKs that cost 1M each

Some interesting player notes:

•all the main Bundesliga Fantasy accounts I have read are all salivating over Havertz. While all the newbie FPL crowd have seemed to go Sancho instead. Either is probably fine but Dortmond have a tougher schedule (not that it matters with Sancho) and I already have Haaland. I like having a player on the Monday night too for this first gw. So I went Havertz.

•Kainz is on set pieces and was on a lovely run of form before the break. However he is not a lock to start. He is very cheap as a mid under 7M and I think he is worth the risk as a fifth midfielder for the first week.

•Katterbach is some wonder kid that is very good but has been injured. He has left back locked down when fit. I am monitoring that he is starting. Although he would be an easy swap to Ismail next week, on the same team if it’s an issue. I dont think I would want both of them at the same time. If I had two D on any squad right now it would only be from RB Leipzig.

•Mittelstadt plays up on attacking left wing if Plattenhardt is also in the lineup.

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