Fantasy Bundesliga Matchday 29 tips – Kev in Canada reviews GW28 and his team for GW29

Here’s our Fantasy Bundesliga Matchday 29 tips article where FFGeek Contributor Kev in Canada reviews his GW28 and talks through his likely transfers and star men for GW29.

Fantasy Bundesliga Matchday 29 tips – Kev in Canada reviews GW28 and his team for GW29

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Matchday 28 Review – 95 points; Gameweek Rank 4,772

Here was my team for GW28

fantasy Bundesliga GW29 TIPS

fantasy Bundesliga GW29 tips

Another typical roller coaster of emotions in a fantasy football suite of matches for me in MD29. I had 44 points going into the last game time and thanks to Karaman and Baumgartner, I ended up with 95 points and a gameweek rank of 4772. I am not sure where to find this stat but I am pretty sure I have had a match day rank in the top 5,000 in all three match days that we have participate in thus far. Sweet.

For this week, I figured I would quickly show you my process for how I pick what I think my transfers should be and then give you a few quick thoughts. Then I will show you who I think I might transfer in. That should help you know how my thought process goes in my mind if I find that these articles get shorter in the following weeks as we all re-focus on FPL and I don’t have as many hours to focus on FBL anymore. Sad truth!


1. Look at my next three Match Days and see how many star options I have.

fantasy Bundesliga Gw29 tips

As you can see this week looks nicely spread out but Match Day 30 is a big problem. So when I bring in players, so far I would probably target Dortmund, M’bach, Wolf, Fried and avoid Frank, Mainz, Hoff, Bayer, etc.

2. Next I look at the team’s fixtures list:

So clearly, Dortmund has to be a target here. Not only would they spread out nicely for star options but they have Paderborn and Mainz in their next 3 match days with no Orange or Red opponent to speak of.

3. Make the money work and decide who to get rid of.

Now for the hard part. This is difficult because I want to try to get rid of players for a number of different reasons:

-tough competition (Karaman has Bayern and Red Bull in their next 3 even though he has been playing well and is cheap)

-bunched up in the same game times (Angelino, Jakobs and Katterbach all play at the same time)

-injuries (Kevin Kampl looks to be hurt and I would sell him unless he is confirmed fit and starting at this point)

4. Make sure I have the best value players that are in form and unless they are playing Bayern this week, get them in.

For this week, I am happy to already have Baumgartner. I would recommend he be your top transfer no matter what this week.

Process in action:

OK I have been giving this thought and the three players that are going to go are three of Angelino, Trimmel, Karaman, Kampl and Thuram. Dortmund has to be the target and I think specifically Hakimi for me. This dude has 300 freaking points and would give me another star option over the next two weeks in a timeslot that I have no-one. All while playing Paderborn and Hertha. Yes please.

The challenge is hes expensive and those five players aren’t in the premium price bracket. So it means I either need an enabler out of the three or I need to find some solid breakout value players that I can make work with him. I would also like a Dortmund midfielder if possible though (for the record, I would just be bringing in Haaland as first choice here but hes injured).

Here is where I landed.

There are a few options, in case I need to react to injury or rotation team presser clues:

Angelino🔄 Hakimi
Kampl 🔄 Guerreiro
Thuram 🔄 Beier

Angelino🔄 Hakimi
Kampl 🔄 Zirkzee
Karaman 🔄 Sallai

Angelino🔄 Hakimi
Kampl 🔄 Steffen/Kainz
Trimmel 🔄 Lenz


-If Lenz is confirmed fit. I think the third option probably gives me the best overall team.

-If he is not fit I am leaning on going with only two strikers, as Hakimi/Guerrero would be the most fun to watch.

-Big IF but, if kampl confirmed is confirmed fit and starting I would sell nkunku instead for the extra 5 million-ish and upgrade the third best player in all three scenarios.

-Halstenberg is on a suspension, so I may leave Angelino this week. In that scenario I would do the first option and just move Trimmel out. Then I would likely swap Angelino to Lenz the week after.

-I would clearly prefer Sancho over Guerrero but hes insanely expensive. I could get the latter while also keeping Gnabry. I feel a lot of folk are binning Gnabry. I would like to have him for an explosion.

-I am happy to already have Baumgartner. The secret’s out. He should be everyone’s top transfer target that doesn’t have him.

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