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  1. how many DGW players do you have? How many hits have you taken and who’s your triple captain or on your bench for bench boost if applicable – good starting points I think?

  2. Wellโ€ฆ I play the Danish version of Fantasy Football, so no “points” taken on my account! An we don’t have bench players either, or wildcards for that matter. But we do have the same DGW though ๐Ÿ™‚ And i’ve chosen the following lineup for my two teams (Green arrow indicates player transferred in) โ€ฆ

    • It’s a little redundant w. WH and MANU players in defence, since they might cancel each other out w. the point system we have, so i’m working on alternatives for that for the next 1h7m! Thanks for an awesome site btw, I visit once a week!!

  3. I’ve triple captained Payet, got 8 Dgw players but one on the bench- Lingard so only 7 dgw in the XI
    Good luck

  4. My DGW37 team. Went Nuts again, just like the last DGW.
    Main points on my team:
    – Took a 16 point hit
    – Used ALL ATTACK
    – Team back bone is Liverpool, Man United and WHUnited
    – Captain Payet

    I wil be pissed if Firmino doesn’t play any Game ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck!

  5. TC Payet
    -4 point hit to bring in Fab and Cresswell.

    Only Aguero (who ive kept faith with despite recent big price drop) has one game – so on paper 10DGW players – although coutiniho will prob only play 1game.

    Just hope this doesn’t shape up to be a week where Coutinho plays once but gets a hat-trick in his only game and Payet goes off injured after 5 mins….

    Happily top of all my mini-leagues with the nearest competitor in one just over 50 points behind…This week ‘should’ seal it…

    Just hearing: Martial injured in warm up…?

  6. I’m second in my league, with some ground to make up… have to take a risk or two.
    Both my main oppo’s have no chips left.

    Hazard my Triple Captain
    6 DGW players

    Fingers crossed………..

  7. 14 dgw players with a 4 point hit as lost faith in Ozil so swapped him and Kun out for Hazard and Costa. Was convinced Martial was going to be coming in but as I selected Chelsea to put in Hazard saw Costa and thought lets go with it.

    Top of one of my leagues and close to top in my other two so here’s crossing my fingers for a big triple digit point week. Only problem is 2 Utd defenders plus I have Carol and Payet captain so have no idea how I make big points on that game.

  8. 10 DGWers. Took a 12pts hit as an attempt to reach top 10k, sitting at 22k atm.
    Was my first FPL season and I managed my way til the end without losing interest and this site is the main reason. Keep the good job up!

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