Fantasy Football Geek is adding additional content on Patreon

Here on Fantasy Football Geek, we are excited to share with you several new features that will be available for the 2019/20 season for our readers including podcasts, an interactive Slack Channel, an interactive transfer planner and points prediction tool for your FPL team plus leagues with prizes. This will form part of our Patreon site which will involve contributions from myself, Joseph Crilley and the other contributors with the details below.

Fantasy Football Geek is adding additional content on Patreon

At this time, I would like to stress that the FFGeek website will still include the usual posts that you have become accustomed to and it is only new content that will be part of the Patreon site.


Tier 1 – $2 per month

1. Weekly podcast with myself and contributor guests

2. Four £50 prize pool leagues for the first 160 FPL managers to sign up and private leagues for everyone after that.

Tier 2 (in addition to the above) – $3 per month

3. Interactive transfer planner designed by Joseph Crilley including points predictions for your FPL team

4. Entry to a slack channel for discussion with myself, the contributors and other members

You pay for one month at your point of entry and there is no commitment beyond that month. You will remain in the leagues and slack channel for the season once you have made your first payment.

The primary reason for opening the Patreon site is provide some compensation for the time that the contributors will give. Joseph and I will also be taking a share for the work & organisation that we will be doing – for those curious, I will be taking around a third of the total received.

Now, here are some more specific details on each of the features:


We are looking to provide weekly podcasts which will be around an hour long and will include myself and 2/3 contributor guests discussing relevant FPL topics. We will be announcing the guests a month in advance and each podcast will come with relevant notes and graphics.

The first podcast will be on the site on Wednesday July 3.  It will be with myself, Rob Reid and new contributor  and Arsenal supporter Kris. We will discuss Kris’s 18/19 season and our first draft FPL teams, There will be a focus section on Arsenal and Man City attackers.

FFGeek leagues with 4 prize leagues

The intention is to have four leagues with prize pools of £50 for each of the 4 leagues.  The winner will get £25, second £15 and third £10.   The prize leagues will be available to the first 160 people to sign up to the Patreon site. The league that you are placed in will be determined by your average rank over the last 2 seasons in FPL. Managers without ranks in the previous 2 seasons will automatically go into the lowest division. The contributors will be added to the leagues according to their averages.

The leagues will be a Head-to-Head format where the top and bottom 7 places will be promoted and relegated each season. Any managers who sign up after the first 160 will go into a Division 5 which won’t have a prize but there will be promotion available into the 4th tier of the prize leagues for next season. I hope to continue these leagues with the same prizes irrespective of the Patreon site’s future, but I am unable to 100% commit at this stage

Please note until there are 160 members, I will not give out league codes as I will need the entire population to work out the league divisions. Also, as mentioned earlier, you only need to be a member for 1 month to benefit from this.

Joseph Crilley’s interactive transfer planner

You may have seen this spreadsheet last season and Joseph has significantly improved it during the off season. In addition to the ability to plan transfers and see the fixtures, a new function has been added with a points prediction for each player for their upcoming games. Within the planner, you are able to see how potential transfers during the upcoming weeks could improve your total points.

Joseph is putting the finishing touches on the spreadsheet and the aim is for it to be available from Monday July 8 – below is a graphic to give you a sneak preview.

fantasy football geek

Slack Channel for discussion

This is designed to provide a platform for discussion of various topics with contributors, myself and other members. Similar to the leagues, you will continue to have access even if you only join for a single month.

Here’s the link to the Patreon site:

You will need a Patreon account if you don’t already have one.

Once you have joined please send an email to with a screenshot of your history including your name and your team name which will allow me to complete the league allocation. If you sign up for the second tier, I will also give you an invite to the slack channel.

This is a project that we are very excited about on the FFGeek website and we hope that you look forward to becoming a part of it!

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Geek is adding additional content on Patreon”

  1. Nice idea. It did feel like something (and transparency) was needed to fund the many contributions – and of course for your own significant time input! I’m curious though, what’s the “incentive” for ongoing montlhy contributions – or are they effectively pure donations?

    Re the spreadsheet’s screenshot: Vardy out GW5 makes no sense as he wasn’t in the sample team GW4… or I’m just reading it wrong :)

    This season will technically be my first full season as I only started GW2 last season. I can definitely see myself becoming a patreon from next season though. Love this site!

    • Thanks Marc.

      The Slack Channel member and Leagues continue after 1 month payment. The ongoing elements are the weekly podcasts and the updates to the transfer planner.

      I’ve put a new spreadsheet graphic on as the graphic wasn’t particularly clear.

      Glad you like the site. Cheers FFGeek

    • If I can get contributors on for a podcast I will but it will be announced in advance so you could sign up then if interested

    • Hi Mate Patreon is an US company so it’s US Dollars.

      According to google, today that’s £1.59 and £2.38 in pounds


  2. Hi Geek,

    I think this is a good idea, and will sign up for sure. However, the link above does not work for me. I keep getting a “bad gateway” error.

  3. Happy to give a little bit back to you and the excellent contributors! And I really want to keep hearing the podcasts.

  4. Just signed up, been following your site for a few years!
    Thank you for the many, many tips.

    All the best

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