fantasy football geek GW1 team performance in all formats

I think its important to front up and show the performance of the various fantasy football geek teams in the various fomats good or bad.  So here’s the first of the weekly round ups of performance of our various teams in the various formats.  Ill be reporting on a Fantasy Football Geek league basis and an overall basis.  Its a pretty mixed start to put the most positive shine on it

Barclays fantasy premier league

Total points:  67

Fantasy Football Geek league position:  156/273

Overall position:  290,430/2,173,962

Leader:  HareBhol    –   asha lockmaglock 126 points

telegraph fantasy football

Total points:  69

FFgeek league position:  8/50

Overall position:  7,677

Leader:   Paul Crook  – Crookface Geek 107 points

facebook fantasy premier league

Total points: 98

FFgeek league position: 5/22

Overall position: 1,598

Leader:  Bombay Breezers – Roy Agnew 137 points

Sky Sports fantasy football

Total points: 36

FFgeek league position: 74/104

Overall position: 195,576

Leader:   Paul Wheatcroft –  110th Special Unit –  112 points

The Sun Dream Team

Total points: 45

overall position:  100,757

No ffgeek league



So a pretty ordinary start overall.  Good performances in the telegraph and facebook and a very bad performance in Sky.  Although as luck would have it facebook apparently had some technical issues and I think they are going to scrap GW1!

Heres moving forward to GW2!


6 thoughts on “fantasy football geek GW1 team performance in all formats”

  1. Hi again from Australia.
    I got 97 in Gw1 which is not too bad. But ive got some question marks with some players marked*
    This is my Gw1 team
    GK Howard (Federici)
    DEF Ivanovic Zabaleta Hangeland (Demel & Leon Barnett*)
    MID Sinclair* Noble Bale Nasri (Pienaar)
    FWD Tevez Petric Torres
    Need to know if i need to get rid of Sinclair due to the speculation of him being axed because he wont sign a new contract and high interest from Man C to get him. Should i trade him this week?
    And Barnett not sure if he’ll get a shot in the team with the signings of Bassong & Garrido, but after a 5 nil loss Hughton could change up his deffence. Whats your opinion?
    Still got 3 in the bank
    Hit me with your ideas, will be much appreciated.
    Love the stuff you do mate, keep it up

    • Another question. Will the arrival of Mirallas affect Pienaar in the midfield? Whos most at risk at Everton due to this?

      • no more likely to be an effect on naismith. Im also not sure what happens to fellaini if Moyes goes 4-4-2. im sticking with pienaar/osman


    • first of all awesome score well done

      At the moment my transfer this week is Torres out rooney in as he is my captain choice for this week. You only have 2 of reading and chelsea which means you dont have an issue from this perspective on GW3 when they dont play. you still have an issue with 4 non playing potentially with barnett and sinclair though.

      I dont think Barnett will play even with the loss. It looks like the bassong signing has completed so with him and R bennet i just cant see it.

      I also dont think sinclair will play Routledge was fantastic and its hard to see sinclair starting after that.

      TRansfer wise as i said im putting Rooney in for Torres subject to any last minute changes of mind but if thats not where you want to go. Maybe put last weeks sensation michu in for sinclair with that home game to west ham or change barnett for Cuellar as a cheapie

      hOpe that helps and good luck

  2. Hi there, I scored 60 points this week but had rotten luck with jenkinson michu and hibbert my subs!
    ATM i am thinking of going with this (without any trades this week – 2free next week is a strategy)

    de gea(henderson)
    zab jenkinson acole(hibbert hangeland)
    nzog VDV michu Kagawa (guthrie)
    cisseD tevez torres

    my question is, is keeping VDV and torres a risk, i could go straight torres-rooney or vdv-bale and try for hazard after gw3. or is this squad capable of getting me back up the ladder this week? any other suggestions?

    CHeers, love your work

    • i do think there are enough easy fixtures for your side to move on up this weekend. I think the transfer this week depends on how much faith you have in either Michu torres or Kagawa as your captain choice. I wouldnt panic over VDV he coul still perform as a sub ths week but assuming he doent start then it is just a case of when especially with spurs having such good fixtures


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