fantasy football geek league performance – the sun dream team game week 3


Heres a review of where I am in the Sun Dream team format after game week 3

The Sun Dream Team

Total points: GW  37 TOT 112

overall position:  213,048

No ffgeek league

A slow start.  With only 12 transfers you need a long term view and not short term by fixtures.  The Aguero injury has cost me dear but plenty of time to improve


1. Hazard –  I stuck with him this format and he’s paid me back handsomely with goals and 7’s and starman performances. A keeper.  scores goals and catches the eye so should be good for star man awards.

2.  RVP – 28 points last week alone was reward.  should dominate star man awards even in Man U.  Only an injury would make me even consider selling him.

3.  Cazorla – Came right and will be a bonus point magnet when the fixtures improve.  A keeper I feel


1.  Zabaleta – will probably still play in my team unless the injury looks to be a problem.  city will have to use so many players in so many competitions that he should still be value even if rotated with Maicon.  I cant believe that the City defence wont improve.  17 clean sheets from last year cant just vanish

2.  Enrique – just not sure about the Liverpool defence at all.  Also doesn’t seem in Rodgers good books.

3.  Bale – desperately poor scores.  Still good fixtures coming up so Im sticking with him until the next transfer window.

4.  Borini – Was in due to his cheap price but doesnt look capable of goals or bonus points.  a certainty to be sold

Heres the scoring lowdown:

Aguero didnt score as injured.  Hazard and Ivanovic didn’t play.  borini scored 0.


01/09/2012T HowardGKEVEWest Brom vs Everton-1Hide

-1Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender)
01/09/2012R HuthDEFSTOWigan vs Stoke-1Hide

-1Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender)
01/09/2012G BaleMIDTOTTottenham vs Norwich-1Hide

01/09/2012P ZabaletaDEFMCYMan City vs QPR3Hide

3Awarded seven or more in Sun Sport’s player ratings
02/09/2012J EnriqueDEFLIVLiverpool vs Arsenal-1Hide

-1Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender)
02/09/2012S CazorlaMIDARSLiverpool vs Arsenal10Hide

3Awarded seven or more in Sun Sport’s player ratings
5Goal Scored
2Clean Sheet
02/09/2012R van PersieSTRMANSouthampton vs Man Utd28Hide

3Awarded seven or more in Sun Sport’s player ratings
5Star Man in Sun Sport’s player ratings
15Goal Scored
5Scoring three or more goals per game