fantasy football geek – my various teams performance – all formats GW2

Before I get on to the team line ups, I’ll give an update on how my various fantasy football teams are performing after the Europa League games last night.   Reasonably solid except for Sun Dream Team where I had a complete nightmare with no one turning out in the Europa league 

Barclays fantasy premier league

GW points: 59
OVR points: 154
OVR rank: 13,978/2.7m managers  up from 52,069/ 2.7m managers
FFGeek league ranking: 51

Sky Sports fantasy football

GW points: 60
OVR points: 117
OVR rank:  2, 634 up from 2, 841/ 300k managers estimated
FFGeek league ranking: 12/298  down from 6
League of league position: 34 down from 30

Sun Dream Team

OVR Points: 148
OVR rank: 60,309 down from 5,588/1m estimated managers
FFGeek league ranking: 19/154 down from 5/142
League of League position:  263 down from 20

Telegraph Fantasy football

GW points: 49
OVR points: 100
OVR rank: 20,677 up from 30,028/200k estimated managers
FFGeek league ranking: 16/106 up from 24/100 managers

Fox Sports EPL

OVR points:  119

OVR rank:  486/20,000 est

FFgeek league ranking:  2/5


Just remember where you are now doesn’t necessarily reflect where you will end up. So don’t be complacent or disheartened.  Patience is the key.   359 games to go and far more in Sun Dream Team and Telegraph Fantasy football.
Good luck for in fantasy football GW3

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