Fantasy Football Suspended? Here’s 3 Alternatives for you

Here’s Sunil with his article on 3 alternatives to fantasy football now that it is suspended

Fantasy Football Suspended? Here’s 3 Alternatives for you

Fantasy football is on pause indefinitely at the moment due to the coronavirus crisis. But this is the stage of the season when some people start to drift away from the game anyway if they are out of contention to win any of their leagues.

Here are three alternatives to fantasy football that sports fans can use to get their fix.

Football video games like FIFA

Many football fans probably already play FIFA, but lockdown conditions offer a chance to put in even more hours on football video games. FIFA 20 is the market leader, with over 25 million players around the world, and Ultimate Team – where gamers build their own squad – is phenomenally popular. The latest FIFA game also has a brand new mode, named Volta, that is reminiscent of FIFA Street though it has received a mixed reception from fans of the game. FIFA’s top rival is Pro Evolution Soccer, made by Konami, which tends to be available cheaper.

Lockdown might also be the ideal time to get stuck into a save on Football Manager. The game’s makers, Sports Interactive, recently made the 2019-20 season’s version of the title free to play for a fortnight, helping to bring in a new audience. There is nothing quite like getting addicted to seeing how the team that you spend countless hours building performs out on the pitch. Global Soccer Manager is an alternative option for players, but Football Manager is the genre’s king. Many FM players devote hundreds of hours to the game every time a new version comes out.

Mobile players have a lot of very good options for football video games too. Apps like Football Chairman have a loyal audience as they offer something a little bit different. Casual games are plentiful on both the App Store and the Android Play Store, while FIFA and Football Manager both have slimmed-down versions that have been tailor-made with mobile devices in mind. Anyone hoping to cut down on their screen time during lockdown might want to look elsewhere!

Football-themed online slot games

Another way to play football games during the pandemic could be to log in to online casinos. Many football themed free slot games are available to play and a lot of them are huge fun too.

Microgaming slot Shoot is one of the best football themed slot games out there. With a return to player of 96.54 per cent, it is definitely one of the best value options on the internet. Microgaming has also released Football Star, which looks great and is available to play on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Most online casinos have at least one of Shoot and Football Star available.

Football: Champions Cup was launched by NetEnt to mark Euro 2016 and, though the next iteration of the tournament has been postponed due to the coronavirus, it is still popular today. The Shoot the Goals feature included in Football: Champions Cup is a fantastic bonus round.

Lastly, fantasy football fans should consider spinning the reels on Real Time Gaming’s Football Frenzy.

Football quiz games

Fantasy football requires a detailed knowledge of the game. So perhaps this is the ideal chance to brush up on your knowledge by playing football quiz games.

Zoom quizzes at home have become a regular entry into the social diary for many people during the pandemic. Why not create your own football quiz to try out with your friends and family?

Alternatively, quiz sites such as Sporcle are likely to be even more popular than ever at this time. There are lots of different football quizzes on Sporcle, such as a 108-answer behemoth on the Premier League winning teams – as well as their managers, captains and top scorers.

Be warned, though, that Sporcle can be incredibly addictive, especially if you challenge your mates to beat the score you get on some of the site’s most popular football quizzes. Plenty of other websites out there offer football quizzes too, but the variety on Sporcle is unbeatable.