Fantasy Football Tips Ahead of GW5

Here’s Rik with his article giving some Fantasy Football tips ahead of GW5

Fantasy Football Tips Ahead of GW5

The international break has provided some useful time to think about what the next move for fantasy coaches should be. Romero Lukaku and Eden Hazard have favourable matchups coming up, while Manchester United is set to clash with Watford at Vicarage Road.

Aguero has already scored three times, and could wreck havoc on Fulham’s and Cardiff’s defences in the next 2 gameweeks, while we’re still waiting for Salah to prove his worth, especially after missing two penalties in Egypt’s win against Niger.

Arsenal’s favourable matchup against Newcastle might result in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stepping up his game.

When it comes to goalkeepers, Southampton’s Alex McCarthy could be a good bargain, with his team set to clash with Brighton on Monday, although it could be a short tenure, as Southampton will face Liverpool in GW6.

Watford’s been performing well above anyone’s most optimistic expectations, but is going to have to prove its worth against Manchester United, with Mourinho’s team desperately looking to reaffirm their status as a potential title challenger after a very disappointing start of the season with 6 points with two losses and two wins against Leicester and Burnley. It’s a pretty difficult situation with Mourinho under a lot of scrutiny and Luke Shaw suffering a terrible head injury.

Definitely an interesting situation with a number of online betting opportunities in a Premier League that is yet to be defined in terms of top contenders, therefore offering interesting betting odds.

The same applies to fantasy football picks being quite uncertain – as they always are at the beginning of the season to be fair – while we wait to find out whether or not our expectations are to be met over the course of the season.

Anything we’ve said obviously doesn’t count if you’re playing a different type of fixed-team fantasy football.  However, if you’re playing on a weekly basis – as offered by most fantasy football websites – you may want to consider these tips for GW5.

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