fantasy football tips  – Each clubs disappointments and can they rebound? – part 10

Here’s the tenth and last in a series of fantasy football tips articles where we look at each clubs most disappointing FPL player so far this season and see whether they can rebound this or next season. Hopefully it will identify some value players for this or next season.  In this article we’ve looked at West Ham and Wolves

fantasy football tips  – Each clubs disappointments and can they rebound? – part 10

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West Ham – Sébastien Haller £6.8m

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West Ham were a veritable treasure trove of under performing players and I could have picked anyone of the front 4 apart from Michel Antonio.  No one in the attacking players has a PPM of 4.0 or more if you can believe it.

Haller came with a lot of promise from the Bundesliga with a big reputation and price tag.  He was also very much the multifunctional forward who could assist as well as score.  His stats from the Bundesliga were excellent.

With 3 goals in his first 3 starts it looked like that promise was going to be fulfilled.  4 goals and 3 assists in 20 starts later plus being benched on 4 occasions isn’t how it was supposed to pan out that’s for sure.

His underlying stats are also disappointing and way off what he was producing for Frankfurt.

Where there is hope is that there are theories that Haller’s problems are a result of playing as a lone forward rather than as a pair as he did successfully with Frankfurt partnered with Jovic who is now at Real Madrid.  If West Ham can fix this then there is hope that we could see a rebound in form.

Wolves – Diogo Jota £6.4m

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In contrast to West Ham,  the problem with this article and Wolves is that the attack is basically 3 players in Jimenez, Jota and Traore (plus Doherty as an attacking defender) so picking out a disappointment is a tricky one.

It’s also hard to pick out Jota when the guy got 30 FPL points with 3 goals and 2 assists in his last 3 FPL games.  To be fair he also telegraphed them with a hat trick in the Europa League beforehand.

Premier League wise up to that his returns were a disaster.    3 goals and 1 assist in 21 starts before that are testament to the disappointment up to that point.  That’s before you mention his 4 benchings and 4 times he wasn’t even in the squad.

However there is real reason for optimism with Jota though and that goes deeper than the last 3 gameweeks.  Most of his underlying numbers improved from last season to this season.  His xG90, his shooting volumes and his key pass volumes all improved.  He just had a massive conversion problem which he fixed to some extent in the last few gameweeks.

For me there is alot of reasons to be positive about his future returns.

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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