fantasy football tips – Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW5 teams in FPL, TFF, Sky and Sun plus outlines his plans for GW6

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Here’s our fantasy football tips article where Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW5 teams in FPL , TFF, Sky and Sun and outlines his plans for GW6. Andrew finished top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL plus 15k in Sun in 17/18.

fantasy football tips – Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW5 teams in FPL, TFF, Sky and Sun plus outlines his plans for GW6

Fantasy Premier league

Weekly score: 69, Overall rank: 8,179

So I risked starting Fraser with his injury and what a return, saving my gameweek. Patricio again delivered a clean sheet with my sub in, Bennett also delivering a clean sheet coming in for Mendy. Sadly, Wan Bissaka’s points again look up at me from the bench.

Salah and Mane could easily have hauled and apparently Bernardo had a stellar game but returned no attacking points so I feel a trifle unlucky with my midfield. Aguero did the business again and Arnautovic proved again he is fixture-proof with another haul. I missed out on Hazard but one of the reasons I didn’t get him in was his upcoming fixtures which aren’t great or captainable so I am happy to leave him out for the time being due to his price.

fantasy football tips

Transfers and captaincy

I am tempted by Bernardo to Moura but with Arnautovic’s injury will now likely switch him to Mitrovic who has an excellent run coming up.

fantasy football tips

My captain for next week will very likely be Salah.

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Weekly score: 46  Overall rank: 3,758  Transfers left: 37

A fairly decent week with Van Aanholt, the cheaper mids and Aguero again bringing in the points. I brought in Alonso for Davies as planned although he blanked. Maddison has proved a great buy with 15 points in two weeks since I brought him in for Jota. I am still looking at Tripper and Moura with the potential to take out Mendy and Bernardo particularly if the former will be out for a few weeks. I get the advantage of City playing before Spurs next week so can see the teamsheets and get the extra points if I do make them.

fantasy football tips

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Weekly score: 89, Overall rank: 1,567, Transfers left: 34

An Ok week with not captaining Hazard the only real oversight due to his high MOM probability regardless of the hat trick! Maddison is looking like great value as is Boly.

fantasy football tips

Transfers and captaincy

Over the next couple of weeks I may look to bring Moura in for Spurs’ good run but am pretty settled for now. My captain for Saturday will likely be Mane (or Aguero depending on team news) and Hazard on Sunday.

Sun Dream Team

Weekly score: 50  Overall rank: 37,795  Transfers left: 2/month

The Hazard and Maddison moves paid off handsomely and helped me to a decent weekend score and hopefully up to ten of my players playing midweek. I have kept Aubameyang in for a great run of games and am hoping he can finally kick on following a very slow start.

fantasy football tips


I brought in Luiz following Sanchez being left out again and am now looking at how to get in Moura although if Mendy’s injury is serious I may to rethink. The key for me is to remain flexible and try to keep a transfer back if possible for an injury.

Good luck everyone for GW6!

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