fantasy football tips – the FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky and Sun Dream Team for GW5

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Here’s a quick fantasy football tips round up of my GW4 scores and GW5 plans in Telegraph fantasy football, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team

fantasy football tips – the FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky and Sun Dream Team for GW5

 Telegraph fantasy football

Last season was my best finish of around 200 overall rank.

Week points 61 Total Points: 227 transfers left: 34 Rank: 8.3k

A very good week with an 15k rise nearly reversing the losses of last week .

The idea was not to use any transfers for the month of September.  However Shaw is out and Mkhitaryan could not start.  I could actually get 2 weeks for Laporte over Shaw should I go Pedro over Mkhitaryan but 6 transfers down it looks a tad profligate.  There’s also leaving Shaw in and the straight Mkhitaryan to Ramsey transfer.  If Mkhitaryan doesn’t start then he has to go.  Shaw will depend on if he gets his place back.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers

telegraph fantasy football tips

I’ve decided to set team 2 free.  Bad start and just can’t focus on 2 TFF teams

Sun Dream Team

Last season team 1 finished 7k overall and team 2 finished 12 k overall

Team 1

GW Points: 40 Total points: 205 September transfers left: 0 Rank: 99k green arrow 8k

All 3 transfers made

Sigurdsson to Hazard

Aubameyang to Sokratis

Sanchez to Pedro

Here’s the team

fantasy football tips

Team 2

  GW Points: 44 Total points 186 September transfers left: 1 Rank: 227k green arrow 80k


Aubameyang to Hazard

Richarlison to Moura

Fantasy Football tips

Sky Sports fantasy football

GW4 Points: 59 total points 347 transfers left: 37 Rank: 2,019 no arrow

You can see my earlier in the week  overhaul article here which includes the dates for captain picks and player suggestions

So I tweaked the team a little with Shaw out.  In came Doherty for Shaw and in came Hennessey for Patricio which sorted a couple of captain positions.  I could have gone for Brighton to sort out some more but I think the Wolves defence is a better bet.

Incredibly I have £1.5m in the bank which I can use for transfers to shore up some captain opportunities.  I wanted Zaha for the Palace captain gaps but it would have needed major restructuring.

No Hazard isn’t helpful but impossible to have everyone

Here’s the final team

fantasy football tips

That’s it good luck this week

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Sky Sports fantasy football

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Sun Dream Team

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  1. After being sucked into FF a few years ago i must say a BIG THANKS to you and your ffgeek articles team. Something must be working at last as my Saladays has been in top 5 overall in the FFGEEK TFF league and top in my office FPL league too… or it could be a fluke, but thanks anyway

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