fantasy football tips GW13 – Stephen Troop reviews GW12 and previews GW13 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

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Here’s our fantasy football tips GW13 article where Stephen Troop reviews GW12 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams as well as his plans for GW113 in these formats

fantasy football tips GW13 – Stephen Troop reviews GW12 and previews GW13 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

Gameweek 12 Analysis

Apologies for the lack of articles these past two weeks. I will cover the transfers I made during this timeframe in this article and as usual look ahead to the next gameweek and go through my thinking/plans.

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Stephen finished last season at around 1k overall rank

weekly points 59, overall rank 26,612

 fantasy football tips GW13

My nightmare season so far in Telegraph continues, although this week was an improvement mostly due to the 3 Liverpool defensive players getting additional KC’s to their clean sheets. The previous weekend I swapped De Gea to Allison after the early kickoff vs Bournemouth. This was to finally remove De Gea, as well as save up exact funds to do Zaha to Mane for the Fulham match.

Allison has worked out with 10 points this week, although I’m now very reliant on the Liverpool defence going forward. I’m not very keen on Mane going forward. His underlying stats have been pretty poor and he looks to have offered nothing recently in games I have seen. It was more a punt for the Fulham game and I regret not going for D Silva instead.

Kane also seems an expensive luxury, but I think I’ll just hold for now. He has 2 tough fixtures before a great run of games and I see no good opportunities to get any bonus games over those 2 weeks by hokey cokeying him out. There was a temptation to get Sterling in last weekend, but I didn’t want to use another transfer going into the international break.

Fantasy Premier League

Stephen finished last season with a rank of 52k OR

 weekly points 56, overall rank 334,112

 fantasy football tips GW13

The last 2 weeks have more or less followed the trend over the last 2 months where I’m scoring a bit above the average and more or less maintaining rank rather than moving up. My last 2 weeks transfers were Knockaert to Murphy and Mitrovic to Jimenez (opting to keep Maddison through the injury). Knockaert seemed to have lost his place and Murphy had been producing some reasonable underlying stats for his price and had good fixtures. At his price he can be rotated easily with the cheaper defenders too. No returns for him yet though. Jimenez has 2 good fixtures coming up and has been consistently returning at a cheap price. I had lost patience with Mitrovic and this therefore looked a good move. His stats had fallen off a cliff and Fulham are conceding so many it must be hard to be motivated as a striker knowing scoring 1 won’t be enough. I had already lost 0.3m on him too so he had to go before I lost more.

Going forward, these two moves have now generated me £2.8m to now use so I have lots of options. Maddison could go. He has been unlucky not to get any assists or goals.  It seems the problem has been other Leicester players not finishing the chances he creates rather than Maddison not producing. I could get D Silva, Martial or Richarlison for him. I could also get Alonso in for one of my defenders. All are good options so will take some more research to work out which I want.

A lot will depend on the injury news for Maddison and Mendy. If Mendy is out it will be Alonso in for him. Otherwise I’ll hold off Alonso this week for the Spurs game and look at improving the midfield.

Sun Dream Team

weekly points 53, overall rank 64,170

 fantasy football tips GW13

Overall rank has been improving over time after a less than spectacular start. This month my only transfer has been Moura > Rudiger as I wanted some Chelsea defensive coverage. I have 2 more to use this month so will need to monitor injuries to Richarlison and Tripper. The former appears to be travelling with the Brazil squad so should be ok and is so cheap would be hard to replace. Tripper could become Doherty if I wanted to save funds or possibly Stones. With 0.0 in the bank I’d need to downgrade elsewhere to afford anybody else I’d want. Doherty has no European games but is only £2.3m compared to Tripper’s £4.5m which should still be a bargain for the next few games at least and will allow flexibility to get Sterling or Hazard (who is owned by around half of people).

Also see top 1k finisher last season in FPL,TFF, and Sky plus 15k Sun OR  Andrew Ferguson’s teams.  You can also  see the Geek’s teams in non FPL formats here

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5 thoughts on “fantasy football tips GW13 – Stephen Troop reviews GW12 and previews GW13 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams”

  1. Hi Stephen! Just wanted to know your views/tips regarding my team, as of now am in the top 90,000 but have been on a downside last couple of weeks…wildcard still left(plan to use it when festive season is upon us and injuries pile up)…

    Patricio (Hamer)
    Doherty, Alonso, Robertson, Trippier (Wan Bissaka)
    Salah, Mane, Barkley, Pereyra (Billing)
    Aguero, Wilson, Arnautovic

    Planning to use 1 FT with 0 itb transfer out Trippier for maybe stones this week and next week I will have funds to do Pereyra to Felipe Anderson?
    *or maybe Pereyra to Richarlison?

    • Hi mate. my focus would be on getting Hazard in for Mane for the Fulham game in GW14. Probably via Trippier or Pereyra or Barkley depending on whether you want to play 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. I would always want a City defender myself and would probably play 4-3-3 using some of the playable cheap midfielders like Murphy and Kenedy. Hope that helps and good luck

  2. Thanks mate, planning to bring in Hazard via WC by that time but whom should I choose out of man city defence-laporte or stones?

  3. Sorry, only just seen this. I prefer Laporte as I think he is most nailed but if they play I think its 50/50 which one gets more attacking returns. You may want to also consider Digne as his attacking stats are looking good.

    For your team, if you have a Hazard plan then I’d say barkley and Trippier (if injured) are the priorities. Richarlison I think a better shout for Barkley given you already have Arnautovic.

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