fantasy football tips GW14 – Stephen Troop reviews GW13 and previews GW14 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

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Here’s our fantasy football tips GW14 article where Stephen Troop reviews GW13 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams as well as his plans for GW14 in these formats

fantasy football tips GW14 – Stephen Troop reviews GW13 and previews GW14 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Stephen finished last season at around 1k overall rank

weekly points 55, overall rank 24,999

fantasy football tips GW14

My 5 Liverpool players all brought in decent points this week and Kane scored one to give me a respectable total of 55 for the week. That’s where the positivity ends however as it only brought be a 2k increase in rank, which for where I am needs to be more.

My transfer was Mendy > Richarlison which I made pretty rashly after being set on swapping for Laporte all week. It has also meant that I’m 0.1m short of doing Mane>Sterling as I wanted to do soon.

My future plans involve getting more city attacking coverage. Mane>Sane looks a reasonable move. Sane should get much more gametime with Mendy injured and him needing to provide the width Mendy would usually provide and Bournemouth at home is a good fixture to bring him in. There are no close opportunities where City play after Liverpool so I’d rather do this sooner rather than later. David Silva is also an option as he has performed very consistently over the season.

I am also looking at the extended kind fixture run of West Ham and potentially swapping Maddison for Anderson but I still feel I need to see a couple more West Ham matches before I make that move. I considered Hazard for the Fulham game but Hazard’s form and underlying stats have fallen a lot recently and Fulham look more rejuvenated under a new manager.

Fantasy Premier League

Stephen finished last season with a rank of 52k OR

weekly points 37 (-4), overall rank 528,268

fantasy football tips GW14

What an abysmal week where TAA somewhat saved it. I dropped around 200k places. The 50/50 captain call between Salah and Aguero I got wrong. I took a -4 to get rid of Mendy and Rcharlison and bring in Alonso and Richarlison. Alonso had been punishing me since I took him out on my wildcard and I wasn’t expecting too much straight away so that’s ok.

Richarlison was more disappointing as I was expecting something against Cardiff. Hazard has failed to return since I brought him in. Jimenez was about 1cm ball movement off a goal too.

Even so, I don’t plan on making a transfer this week. I plan on giving Hazard a last chance against Fulham before next week doing a double move of Aguero>Kane and Hazard > Sterling/Sane. If Hazard can convince me to stay in my team then I may do Salah>Sterling too. I haven’t ruled out doing the Hazard > Sterling/Sane option this week. Captain will likely be Aguero.

Sun Dream Team

weekly points 54, overall rank 59,347

A small overall rank of around 5k (as of the end of Tuesday’s matches). Generally happy with my team other than Hart. I swapped the injured Trippier for Doherty to get some extra funds. Doherty seemed good value ahead of a few decent fixtures but so far hasn’t paid off. It does mean I can do Richarlison to Sane which I will do subject to line-ups this weekend (not got enough for Sterling and the transfer needs using up). I’ll want a way of getting Trippier back once he returns though so next months transfers will be interesting.

fantasy football tips GW14

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