fantasy football tips GW22 – Stephen Troop reviews progress and previews GW22 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

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Here’s our fantasy football tips GW22 article where Stephen Troop reviews progress for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams as well as his plans for GW22 in these formats

fantasy football tips GW22 – Stephen Troop reviews progress and previews GW22 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Stephen finished last season at around 1k overall rank

TFF – weekly points 78, total points 1108, overall rank 6,063 transfers left 21

fantasy football tips GW22

Here is a review of the Xmas and New Year period for my fantasy football teams and plans going forward.

December and New Year has been good for my team and I’ve climbed almost 20k places. A combination of luck , good transfers and being so low in the first place. My transfers were Mane>Sane in early Dec which worked out, Aguero to Aubameyang during Aguero’s injury spell, TAA>Trippier due to TAA’s injury, Maddison to Anderson and Sane went for Pogba as part of a 2-0 or 3-1 game advantage, taking advantage of two good fixtures for Pogba. This gained 17 points so far .  I then did Aubameyang to Hazard as Hazard had a couple of good fixtures. This didn’t work out.  Lastly I’ve done Pogba to Sterling and Kane to Lukaku.

21 transfers is ok at this stage given we’re a few games past half of the league games. 25 is always my aim but being so far adrift I’ve had to use a couple more to try and catch up.

My only immediate plans are to get TAA back in to bulk up on Liverpool defenders for their good fixtures. The FA cup has produced potentially good fixtures/bonus games but this round often proves to be a waste of transfers so will be watching lineups closely to try and cherry pick the best opportunity. For me I need a player who I’ll get both a good FA cup fixture and a league game before transferring back out. 2 transfers for a player who will  only play the cup game is rarely profitable (unless you are swimming with transfers and can spread more risk).

Fantasy premier league

weekly points 57, overall rank 244,852

Stephen finished last season with a rank of 52k OR

fantasy football tips GW22

December has been very much up and down for my team but the last couple of weeks have been positive. Keeping hold of Salah has been a good decision (although I keep deciding not to captain him). Rashford came in recently and has hit the ground running. Digne’s 17 points was most welcome too. Pogba came in for Sane this week which didn’t work out. I face a tricky week next with Wolves facing City and Utd playing Spurs. My immediate concern is a lack of Liverpool defensive coverage, which with 2 FT I’ll be looking to address. I am fairly happy with the team for now though.

Sun Dream Team

Total points 1152 overall rank 66,832

fantasy football tips GW22

Over the Xmas period I have dropped around 10k places. I made 3 early December transfers due to Aguero’s and Arnautovic’s injuries and was then unable to transfer Silva out with his injury. Eriksen has been the star differential of the month for me but Laporte and the City mids have been poor recently. With the Jan transfers I feel I need a new GK and to improve my Liverpool defensive coverage.

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3 thoughts on “fantasy football tips GW22 – Stephen Troop reviews progress and previews GW22 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams”

  1. Im really stuck and dont know what to do.
    my team is
    Robertson, Dijk, Laporte
    Hazard, Mahrez, Maddison, Sane
    Kane, Salah, Martial

    I’ve got 0.7 in the bank. i would like Aguero, pogba or Sterling, but obviously I can’t fund it. any suggestions please.

  2. hi Stephen

    great write up
    I have seen Andrew Ferguson previously also mention this 2-0, 3-1, 6-2s in the 2nd part of the season, can you please explain what this is, guessing it would be extra games etc but 6-2 seems drastic !!

  3. Hi crazy.

    Yes, a 2-0 basically means the player you bring in plays twice before the player you transfer out. A 3-1 can be useful if the 1 fixture is tricky vs 3 decent fixtures.

    My example is I brought in Pogba for Sane. City played vs Leicester and then I got Pogba vs Bournemouth and Newcastle before Sane played again. I had several options when to bring a city asset back in as United played before city on 3 occasions.

    Telegraph is often about finding and exploiting these moves and they become more common as the fa cup etc progresses.

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