fantasy football tips GW26 – Stephen Troop reviews progress and previews GW26 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

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Here’s our fantasy football tips GW26 article where Stephen Troop reviews progress for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams as well as his plans for GW26 in these formats

fantasy football tips GW26 – Stephen Troop reviews progress and previews GW26 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

Telegraph fantasy football

Stephen finished last season at around 1k overall rank

TFF – weekly points 123 (6 this week so far), overall rank 5,484 (as of Thur)

A great week last week with 123 points. I did use a transfer on the Tuesday to bring in Luiz for Alonso when he didn’t start. The rumours seemed strong that this wasn’t for a rest. A -1 that night was annoying but he made up for it with a goal and a clean sheet on Saturday. Most of my squad chipped in and Aguero’s hattrick really projected me up the ranks. I also did Hazard to De Bruyne to get the extra fixtures in a move I may revert down the line.

So far this week, missing out on Doherty’s points in the FA cup replay and Laporte’s points on Wednesday has put my progress backwards a bit.

My main priorities are getting rid of Richarlison as he has no FA cup fixture or GW27 fixture due to the league cup final. Everton have been really poor and his underlying stats have fallen off a cliff. The logical move here would be swap for Jiminez on Monday night as Wolves have 2 good premier league fixtures plus an FA cup game before Richarlison plays again so should be an easy opportunity to get extra points.

Long term ideally I want Pogba and city defensive coverage. I’ll probably wait until after the league cup final as there could be some good short term moves to get city players out and back in during this time.

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Fantasy Premier League

weekly points 104, overall rank 88,081

My best week of the season by a mile which projected my slow, steady progress up the ranks up a notch and I now sit in the top 100k. Most returned and my Aubameyang>Aguero transfer and captain worked out very well, although why did I not triple captain. Laporte did the business over 2 games and most players returned something.

Looking ahead I’d love to be able to get Son in for Richarlison but I cannot afford without a number of moves. My likely move is Aguero is back to Aubeyang. He has some great fixtures now and Aguero faces Chelsea and also has no game in GW27. I will then need to remove Richarlison the following week and just settle for benching Laporte for that blank. We will then know the FA cup quarter final line up and can plan my chip strategy for the rest of the season.

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Sun Dream Team

weekly points 71, overall rank 93,756

Despite a decent looking score, I have fallen a huge number of places and now sit at 94k which I can only assume is mostly due to a lack of Aguero. I still have 3 transfers for the month and no idea what I am going to do with them. Aguero is back on the radar as city are still in 4 competitions but that won’t be this week with Aubameyang’s fixtures. Son and Pogba are also a priority with Eriksen the most likely to make way.

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