fantasy football tips GW8 – Stephen Troop reviews GW7 and previews GW8 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

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Here’s our fantasy football tips GW8 article where Stephen Troop reviews GW7 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams as well as his plans for GW8 in these formats

fantasy football tips GW8 – Stephen Troop reviews GW7 and previews GW8 for his FPL, TFF and Sun teams

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Stephen finished last season at around 1k overall rank

weekly points 52 , Total points 361 overall rank 11,532 transfers left 34

 fantasy football tips GW8

An improvement in rank of around 3k so not a bad week but a way to go to where I want to be. Only 1 clean sheet at the back from Coady with another disappointing defensive display from United. Van Aanholt did score though at least. Mid/Forward wise 4/6 returned, with double digits from Aguero and Kane.

A lot of high owned assests that I don’t have limited my rank uplift though. City clean sheets, Hazard and Tripper being the main ones.

No transfers planned this week. Always good to wait until after the international break for transfers just in case. I’m also pretty happy with the team with the exception of a couple of things.

I’d like Hazard but it would need two moves. I may look at this in 2/3 weeks when Crystal palace’s fixtures turn for the worst. De Gea could also become Allison or Moraes (although with City/Liverpool this week it won’t be until a couple of weeks down the line).

Fantasy premier league

Stephen finished last season with a rank of 52k OR

weekly points 64, overall rank 224,528

 fantasy football tips GW8

Not a bad week, rising 79k places. I transferred out Mendy for Trippier which worked out well for this week. Captain Aguero returned, Walcott (surprisingly) and Maddison gained assists + clean sheet points. King subbed just before Bournemouth’s penalty was awarded was quite annoying, especially when Wilson and Zaha returned who are fairly high owned.

I have activated the wildcard this week. The plan was always to use it to get Kane in at the right time and his output (both actual points and from an underlying stats + eye test point of view) it seems right now is that time. Plus Cardiff at home is a plum fixture to captain him.

I also want to get rid of Walcott and move away from too much of my funds being at the back when Doherty/Wan Bissaka are good starting options. King also just doesn’t have the stats compared to Wilson and I think there are better options, especially when Bournemouth’s fixture turn in a couple of weeks.A bit of mulling over this week as the first wildcard in my opinion is the most critical part of the season.

Sun Dream Team

weekly points 57, Total points 368


 fantasy football tips GW8

Really poor week PL week. Only saving grace was the transfer of Tripper in to use my final transfer.

However, most players play in the European competitions and the European week started  well with goals for Aguero and David Silva so potential for a bit of salvation there.

Priority for my next months transfers is to get Kane in which will likely happen this Friday. Either through a straight swap for Aguero or for Aubameyang which will involve a second transfer.

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