fantasy premier league 18/19 is open! – an initial look at prices, rules and FFGeek plans for pre-season

Here’s our first fantasy premier league 18/19 article to celebrate the surprising opening of the FPL site.  We take a quick look at player prices, look for any rule changes and also outline briefly what we’ll be doing in pre-season.  There’s also a link to the  FFGeek league

fantasy premier league 18/19 is open! – an initial look at prices, rules and FFGeek plans for pre-season

So the fantasy premier league 18/19 site surprisingly opened today after a few price leaks which were followed by all the FPL prices on a spreadsheet.  Unexpectedly the site then opened.  It’s all a bit different to last season when the refresh button was getting a hammering for days if I recall correctly.


I don’t know about you but my initial look was that it wasn’t too bad with some exceptions.  It was an initial look so don’t lambaste me if you disagree

The first player obviously to look at is Salah who’s £13m but still a midfielder.  I guess I was expecting that but still it’s pretty hefty.

Here’s a quick look at the top 6:

Man City

I thought City were quite pricey.  It will be difficult to get a defender under £6.0m with gametime certainty unless Kompany can stay fit and not over rotated.

Sterling is very pricey also I thought. The 2 strikers are as expected I guess it depends on how Pep sets up although I expect Jesus to be late back.

Man Utd

For Man Utd Bailly gets in under the £6m threshold at £5.5m.  Everything else seemed as expected except Sanchez who was disappointingly £10.5m


Chelsea will be hard to get a defender under £6m unless you want to play injury roulette again with Christensen.  Everyone else pretty much as expected.  Morata looks fairly cheap again if he can stay fit as does Willian if he can cement a place after the inevitable sacking of Conte comes.


The Arsenal defence looks good value if Emery can improve it.  Ramsey £7.5m, Ozil £8.5m and Mkhitaryan £7.0m all look fairly good value.  Aubameyang looks very expensive.


Liverpool seems pretty fairly priced.  The defence will be interesting as there is £5.0m potential there


The Spurs defence is all around the £6m unfortunately.  The midfield was as expected and Kane could have been worse I guess.

I haven’t looked much further although I see Zaha and Arnautovic have become forwards.  I’m not sure I agree with Zaha but Arnautovic was inevitable

The rules

I had a look through these expecting some sort of surprise but didn’t see anything.  It all looks pretty much the same which I’m in favour of.  I was half expecting a new chip or something similar.

I won’t go over them here but I may do a separate article just for people who are playing for the first time

The FFGeek Preseason

The season starts on August 11.  I’ll probably start full on articles on Monday (9th July) as I’m still doing World Cup fantasy stuff.  However, there maybe time for the odd bit here and there before Monday.

In preseason we’ll be looking to establish the following:

GW1 PL team lineups

With the World Cup still going and not finishing until the 15th that will be a difficult task to establish how each team will lineup in the premier league.  However,  we’ll monitor the pre-seaeon lineups and player news to see how that’s looking.  The World cup is likely to play havoc with our early season  lineups as players come back at different times depending on their countries exit and managers desire for them to have a rest.

Form players

Pre-season form  can be a bit of a mirage as games can be for fitness rather than for winning and intensity won’t be as it will be for the season proper.  However it’s better to be informed than not!

Out of position players and bargains

This is really a subset of the GW1 lineups but worth mentioning as they can be a vital addition to our FPL teams.

Our FPL tinkering

I’ll be drafting a team early on and reacting as pre-season unfolds and GW1 lineups and form become clear.  I’ll also try and rope in some of the contributors to show theirs

New player profiles

We’ll be doing transfer round up articles giving basic stats on the majority of transfers and their potential affect on their PL team.  There will also be standalone articles on the key acquisitions as well.

The promoted sides

It’s really just picking the best time for looking at these seperately.  If you recall Huddersfield

Fixture ranking and rotations

FFGeek league

I’ve renewed the FFGeek league but if you haven’t joined this link should get you there.  Otherwise the code is 5360-1790 and it’s called

Also follow us on twitter and facebook for article updates and news

Enjoy the tinkering!

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