Fantasy Premier League 2012/13 will launch mid-July.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Premier League 2012/13 will launch mid-July.”

  1. hello , I didn’t do the fantasy premier league last season ….. I would like to do it this year though … would you e-mail me when it comes back on so I can do it please?

    • Hi, of course. Also remember that all posts will automatically go to my facebook page http://www.fantasyfootballgeek and through our twitter which I know you follow. I would really appreciate it if you could like our facebook page (see the link above) and also if you have any blogs etc if you could provide a link to the site

      A good place to start for tips is in my strategy page. Its quite a read but very comprehensive. ill send the link in an e mail

      Cheers and thanks for the comment


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