fantasy premier league 2014/15 is now open!

fantasy premier league

Fantasy premier league 2014/2015 is now open.  A chance for all of us to start tinkering with our teams

fantasy premier league 2014/15 is now open!

So at last it arrives although the World Cup has meant there’s alot to happen in the month before GW1 kick’s off with transfers and friendlies all to play a part in our GW1 selection.

Here’s a few observations:


One of the first thing I looked at was Alexis Sanchez’s classification.  He is classified as a midfielder which is great news.  The not so great news is his price of £10.5m, the 2nd highest priced midfielder behind Yaya Toure at £11.0m

Ramsey’s price is now £9.0m.  I was also hoping that the site would open before Debuchy moved giving a Arsenal defender at a Newcastle price.  He is still a Newcastle player but priced at £5.5m.  That’s only £0.5m less than Koscielny and Mertesacker.

Man Utd

RVP is far cheaper at £12.5m with Rooney at £10.5m.


Diego Costa has yet to be added.  Lukaku is a Chelsea player and £9.0m. Fabregas is also quite expensive at £9.0m


Barkley had an escalation to £7.0m.  Coleman took a big increase to £7.0m


Sturridge has seen a huge escalation to £11.5m.  Lallana could have been worse to £8.5m.  Skrtel could have been worse at £6.0m.  Sterling took a huge jump to £8.0m

Man City

YYT is now £11.0m which is very high. Aguero is also expensive at £12.0m Dzeko had an escalation to £8.5m


Eriksen didn’t increase as much as he could have to £8.0m


Remy is £7.5m.  Interesting if he gets a transfer to Arsenal.

Thats it enjoy your tinkering.  A bit early for me to do a team yet but look forward to any of your thoughts.  I’ve yet to look for any rule changes but I gather from other sites the bonus system has been amended but I won’t comment on that as yet.

I’ve renewed the sites league  You should get an invite if you were in last year.  If you’re new the code to join this league: 11254-4258

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fantasy premier league 2014/15

fantasy premier league 2014/15






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