fantasy premier league – an update on Project Restart May 19

Here’s our fantasy premier league update on Project Restart.  We look at the vote on the medical protocols, neutral grounds, the UEFA deadline and the first week of the Bundesliga Restart.

fantasy premier league – an update on Project Restart May 19

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Very basic background

Also see my article from last week which dealt principally with the meeting of the Premier League Clubs

The Premier League clubs met on Monday the 18th to discuss a number of issues relating to the resumption of the Premier League which has 9 gameweeks to go.

You’ll remember there are 3 key dates:

  1.  Full training commences – May 19
  2. Games commence – June 12 (likely to be later now)
  3. League completes – end of July (likely to be later now)

Monday 18th Premier League meeting

The voting on the Medical Protocols was pretty much the only output from that meeting.

Medical protocols

Another step towards the resumption of the 2019-20 season was approved by the league’s 20 clubs on Monday as they unanimously voted through a medical protocol that will allow players to resume training from Tuesday 19th afternoon, albeit with physical distancing.

A second, crucial protocol on contact training is set to be put to clubs in a pair of meetings next week.  The PL’s CEO Richard Masters said:

“We haven’t talked to the players or even to the clubs yet about a return to contact training, in terms of the fine details of protocols, We’re anticipating we can do that in the next week to 10 days.”

That’s a helpful position to be in!

Return to Non Contact Training

That will happen on Tuesday the 19th.  All Premier League clubs carried out coronavirus tests on Sunday and Monday and the Premier League will announce on Tuesday how many, if any, positive tests were recorded.

At last talk of a quarantine

Personally I’ve never understood why players aren’t just quarantined along with the essential team entourage.  If it’s good enough for care home workers and doctors to protect their families why isn’t it good enough for Premier League players?

Well finally there has been some talk of it when the Premier Leagues medical advisor Mark Gillett admitted that current Public Health England advice could require players to enter quarantine 14 days before any match.  This is what the Bundesliga did.

Neutral Grounds

No further updates on this apart from the fact that discussions continue.  but the fact that the Bundesliga games went off without any significant issues around fans turning up at grounds was a helpful occurrence.

UEFA deadline

Nothing of significance more on this.  The Uefa deadline seems to be May 25th to say whether your season has been cancelled or not.  That deadline appears to be relaxed and now “some indications as to a potential way forward”

June 12 restart

Nothing has been explicitly said that I could see but representations from players such as Raheem Sterling and managers means that it is seeming more likely that the first fixture will be pushed back closer to the end of June and the season finish mid August.

It took the Bundesliga nearly five weeks from starting non-contact training to playing matches. After Monday’s announcement by the Premier League, that would leave them looking at either 19 or 26 June.

The Bundesliga resumes and other European Leagues

The Bundesliga resumed without many any major hitches give or take an inappropriate social distancing celebration or 2.  The eeriness of no crowd noise has meant suggestions of added crowd noise to TV coverage and CGI supporters added to stadiums during that coverage but the weekend of German football was undoubtedly a small step forward for the Premier League return.

La Liga clubs were to start training on May 18 with a planned return on June 12 for matches

Serie A will not be able to restart before Monday, June 15, due to a decree from the Italian government banning all competitive sports events until June 14.  The resumption of collective training had initially been agreed for Monday, but has now been postponed due to requests to modify certain protocols in the proposal.

France’s Ligue 1 has been cancelled by Government order with PSG awarded the title.

What Next? 

Drafting and agreeing contact training protocols

More home grounds discussion

Firming up of first match restart

Quarantine discussions to be firmed up.

More Bundesliga games to help or hinder a restart

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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