Fantasy Premier League – analysing the GW9 top point scorers

Here’s my view on the fantasy premier league GW9 top point scorers. I’ve put them as a fantasy premier league team ie 2-5-5-3.


A penalty save and a clean sheet makes Howard the top GK point scorer in the round.  Personally I’m not sure about the Everton defence.  After a good start it was 4 games in a row conceding and 8 goals in those 4 games.  Only a Howard pen save prevented another game without a clean sheet.  In any case Howard is not the preferred coverage at £5.5m.  Coleman with good attacking instincts is £5.6m and Distin the budget version at £5.0m.  Fixtures aren’t easy either.  It’s an ignore for me

Tottenham (H) Crystal Palace (A)  Liverpool (H)  Stoke City (H)  Man Utd (A)  Arsenal (A)


Made a string of unbelievable saves as in the GW9 clean sheet as Cardiff were under siege from Norwich.  Do I need to say anything more about the Cardiff defence.  They were under siege from one of the poorest attacks in Norwich!  One of the worst defences in the league and definitely don’t warrant coverage especially at £4.5m.  If you want, for some reason,  coverage of the Cardiff defence Ben Turner at £4.0m is the best choice but its not for me.  Ignore

Swansea (H)   Aston Villa (A)   Man Utd (H)   Arsenal (H)   Stoke City (A)   Crystal Palace (A)


An assist and a clean sheet for Spurs in the win over Hull as Spurs march on to their 6th clean sheet in 9 games.  The best defence in the league in my view.  Vertonghen is the most expensive Spurs defender by far, ostensibly because of his attacking instincts.  However this season this is his first assist.  He is the leading bonus point scorer for Spurs though.  Personally I don’t think he’s worth the cash.  I’m still living the dream of Dawson budget option at £5.3m although he has yet to be tested against Chiriches yet for the CB spot with Rose injured.  Walker at £6.1m is the game time secure mid priced option. Fixtures are mixed

Everton (A)   Newcastle (H)   Man City (A)   Man Utd (H)   Fulham (A)   Sunderland (A)


The budget £5.3m version for the Spurs defence.  No need to repeat whats up there.  Has gametime risk with CB Chiriches in the team.  Won’t be tested though until Rose is fit which has been next week for about 5 gameweeks


The more expensive version of the Cardiff defence.   I think I’ve given my opinion on the Cardiff defence above.   As I said above the Cardiff defence is one of the worst in the league with only 2 clean sheets and 13 goals conceded in 9 games.  If you want, for some reason,  coverage of the Cardiff defence Ben Turner at £4.0m is the best choice but its not for me.  Ignore

Swansea (H)   Aston Villa (A)   Man Utd (H)   Arsenal (H)   Stoke City (A)   Crystal Palace (A)


Surprisingly back from injury earlier than expected for the Clean sheet in the West Ham home game.  The Swansea team has got back to back clean sheets at home and now has 4 clean sheets out of 9 games, the first of which were tricky to say the least.  Williams for his value and bonus potential (he got 3 here) is the best option in my mind.  A buy with some good fixtures still left

Cardiff City (A)   Stoke City (H)   Fulham (A)   Man City (A)   Newcastle (H)   Hull City (H)


Finally an Arsenal clean sheet.  Only the 2nd despite good fixtures to start with.  However they have only conceded more than 1 once and have been unlucky not to get more clean sheets. Mertesacker with his height and Ozil’s dead ball delivery, has potential for attacking returns as well.  He’s the best defender for me for Arsenal its just whether you want to invest in the Arsenal defence.  Fixtures are about to turn for the first time and for me its not the time to buy.  Ignore

Liverpool (H)   Man Utd (A)   Southampton (H)   Cardiff City (A)   Hull City (H)   Everton (H)


Came on as sub for the Everton win at Villa getting a goal and an assist.  Looks like he will lose his place with the Everton midfield settled at Barry and McCarthy as the CDMs and Pienaar, Mirallas and Barkley as the attacking midfield 3.  I just can’t see after all the positive things Martinez has said that Barkely will be dropped which makes Osman’s gametime very insecure.  It’s also worth noting it was 1 shot and 1 chance created for the goal and assist so hard to replicate.  Its an ignore for me

Tottenham (H) Crystal Palace (A)  Liverpool (H)  Stoke City (H)  Man Utd (A)  Arsenal (A)


Scored a tap in for Chelsea in their win over Man City.  Gametime is the issue here for Schurrle.  He ‘s only started 4/9 fixtures but come on as sub in the rest bar one.  Not really want you want for your fantasy premier league midfielder.   This is his first return in nearly 450 minutes of football. It’s possible that if Mata continues to be ignored that Schurrle could take the 3rd attacking midfield place next to  Oscar and Hazard.  He certainly fits into the fast paced counter attacking style but to me its too early to gamble that he will hold the 1 place that either he Willian or Mata could take up.  He has the potential don’t get me wrong and at £7.3m  he would be great value as he does get forward well.  The fixtures are a bit of a mixed bag.  Overall though its too high risk gam,etime wise for me.  Ignore

Newcastle (A)   West Brom (H)   West Ham (A)   Southampton (H)   Sunderland (A)   Stoke City (A)


Another budget mid?  Afraid not.  Gnabry got an assist in the win over Crystal Palace for Arsenal in his 3rd appearance of the season.  Will lose his place when Walcott returns.  He probably won’t hold it if Flamini returns first.  The attacking midfield 3 will be Cazorla, Ozil and Walcott and probably Wilshere or Ramsey until Walcott is back.  Gnabry coming on was a result of Flamini going off.  No return date for Flamini as yet.  Its an ignore for me

Liverpool (H)   Man Utd (A)   Southampton (H)   Cardiff City (A)   Hull City (H)   Everton (H)


Interesting one this.  The Stoke winger who has played as a false 9 for Stoke, ran riot against the hapless Chris Smalling for Stoke over Man Utd scoring.  He went off with an illness and at the moment has no return date so tahts a watchout.  Stoke have a mixed bag of fixtures and aren’t really the side to back from an attacking point.  Its still only a goal and an assist from 5 games and he seems a little expensive to me.  An ignore for the moment for me.

Southampton (H)    Swansea (A)   Sunderland (H)  Everton (A)  Cardiff City (H)   Chelsea (H)


The number one forward in my “ones to watch” articles last gameweek came through with a fantastic hat trick.   When he picks it up and runs at defenders it’s frightening.  6 goals and 2 assists in 4 games.  A world class act.  Great fixtures.  BUY

Arsenal (A)   Fulham (H)   Everton (A)   Hull City (A)   Norwich (H)   West Ham (H


A goal and an assist in the home win over Stoke.  I prefer RVP as he has better shooting stats and Rooney seems to shoot far less and plays deeper.  However you cant argue with form a its 4 goals and 4 assists in 8 appearances.  The fixtures are still good with a juicy one against Fulham next.  I would still buy RVP myself

Fulham (A)  Arsenal (H)  Cardiff City (A)  Tottenham (A)  Everton (H)  Newcastle (H)


A goal and an assist sounds good but its as for Schurrle except worse.  1 into 3 striking places just doesn’t go and Eto’o will get gametime definitely.  So why have a forward that you can never use as captain as you have no idea if he will start.  An ignore for me.  Get Chelsea attacking coverage through Oscar or Hazard

That’s it.  Hoped it helped any transfer thoughts you may have had

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