fantasy premier league bench boost – the FFGeek DGW37 team


Here’s our fantasy premier league bench boost article where we outline the DW37 FFGeek bench boost team. As usual we look at last week, the transfer dilemma’s, the team selection and the captain choice.

fantasy premier league bench boost – the FFGeek DGW37 team

Last week

Here’s last weeks team points:

84 points (average 46). Green arrow of 31k. Overall rank 48k. Total points 2,003. Team value of £103.0m

 fantasy premier league bench boost - the DGW37 FFGeek team

You can see how I did in comparison with the 10 top FPL managers I follow

You have to be happy with a 31k green arrow and a 48k rank considering the ups and downs the season has bought.

The defence really did the business.  When you consider the front 7 only saw 1 goal and 1 assist between them it just shows how crucial the defence was and has been quite frankly all season.

Transfer dilemmas

With Gabriel the only player unlikely to start either game he was my transfer target.  In the end it was a decision between Ben Davies of Spurs and Rob Holding of Arsenal. Another one of those annoying 50/50 decisions which you just know you’re going to get wrong.  You can see the full thought process in my replacing Gabriel article.  In the end I did Holding.

I’m not really happy with the transfer.  It definitely comes with risk.  Probably only Monreal at this stage is nailed on in the back 5.

There are various other players who have gametime risk, most notably those of Chelsea and Spurs and I could have transferred them out but the uncertainty goes both ways.  Yes Hazard may only play 1 game of the doubles but he may play both.  Especially if Chelsea don’t beat WBA.  So in the end I just left it.  I hate hits and a hit to take out Hazard just doesn’t sit with me at all.

Team Selection

Well the bench boost makes team selection irrelevant although in my paranoia I set it up as I would anyway which is what I’ve done for this team.

Here it is anyway:

 fantasy premier league bench boost - the DGW37 FFGeek team

Captain choice

I’ve gone for Jesus although next is some form of captain article.

Bench Boost check

You may call me paranoid but here’s what I do:

  1. Set the team up as if bench boost didn’t exist – just in case
  2. Press the bench boost button
  3. Press the save team button – this is crucial!
  4. Log out and Log in again to check it worked
  5. Repeat 4.
  6. Every now and then before the deadline repeat 4 again.  Especially if you make any team changes such as a captain change
  7. Tell yourself this is normal and appropriate behaviour.

I do the same if I use my wildcard btw.  Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “fantasy premier league bench boost – the FFGeek DGW37 team”

  1. SO glad that someone else is as neurotic as me and sets up their team as if Bench Boost wasnt activated, and then saves it 1000 times before the deadline! Great article again GEEK best of luck this week.. I’ve gone Sanchez captain and i hope i wont change it again!!

  2. Hi geek… since ox is injured should i sacrifice vardy for sanchez or dare go without arsenal??

  3. haha,
    yes I completely understand why you go through that (obsessive compulsive) Bench Boost routine, after having placed the Triple Captain chip on Aguero earlier in the year (when he scored well), and finding it did not work……..


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