Fantasy premier league – the best defences and the best defenders in FPL, Sky and TFF

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Below I’ve ranked the best defences and then put what I think is the with the best defenders in Barclays fantasy premier league, Sky Sports Fantasy Football and Telegraph Fantasy Football.

Ive ranked the teams using Goals conceded (GC) and clean sheets (CS) (these are shown)  plus some underlying stats to rank them (that’s why the order may differ from the GCs and CS’).  Its very early in the season and the rankings are totally on this years games.  I haven’t made any major adjustments for fixture difficulty so far to date which will distort some of the rankings.  Utd who’ve played Liverpool Chelsea and Man city in the first 5 games is probably the most obvious example.  West Ham who have had a fairly easy run with stoke Cardiff and Newcastle are the reverse.

With the defenders I’ve rated them on value and game time security with a bias on the fantasy premier league  defenders towards CBs due to the bonus situation.  I think everyone who comes to the site know’s that I’m wary of premiums for attacking potential and the Distin at £5.0m vs Baines at £7.5m debate so I wont dwell on it

Here’s the table then and I’ve made a few comments below regarding it:

RankTeamGCCSBest FPL defBest Sky defBest TFF def
1Tottenham14Dawson £5.1mRose £4.7m (inj)Rose £3.2m
2Chelsea23Cole £6.5mCole £7.6mCole £4.6m
3Everton43Distin £5.0mBaines £7.7mColeman £3.5m
4Southampton23Fonte £4.7mLovren £5.2mFonte £2.8m
5Liverpool33Agger £6.0mAgger £6.9mAgger £3.9m
6Man City43Kompany £6.3mZabaleta £7.4mZabaleta £4.4m
7West Ham43Collins £4.6mReid £5.6mReid £3.2m
8Man Utd62Vidic £6.0mVidic £7.4mVidic £4.5m
9WBA42Ridgewell £5.0mMc Auley £5.5mMcAuley £3.1m
10Stoke52Wilson £4.5mHuth £5.8mWilson £2.9m
11Arsenal61Mertescaker £5.4mSagna £6.7mGibbs £3.5m
12Swansea72Williams £4.9mDavies £5.3mDavies £3.1m
13Newcastle82MYM £4.5mColoccini £5.2mColoccini £2.9m
14Cardiff61Bturner £4.0mBturner £4.4mKTC £2.6M
15Hull71Davies £4.5mDavies £4.5mDavies £2.7m
16Norwich61Mturner £4.4mMturner £5.2mMturner £3.0m
17Aston Villa61Vlaar £4.4mLuna £4.0mLuna £2.4m
18Crystal Palace80???????????
19Fulham71Hangeland £5.0mHangeland £5.4mReither £3.3m
20Sunderland110Celustka £4.5mCelustka £4.4mCelustka £2.5m


Biggest surprises:  

  • Spurs: finally getting the returns their underlying stats deserved.  Last year they were so unlucky with their clean sheet total. they have had good fixtures but look a must for investment with value in all formats
  • Southampton:  I’ve been a fan since Pocettino took over and the stats back that up  good value in all formats
  • Everton:  Who would have though Martinez would make such a strong defensive team.  Good value and worth investing
  • Arsenal:  Haven’t performed despite good fixtures.  Injuries haven’t helped but have been carelessly conceding in victory
  •  Remember Sky and TFF give negative points for goals conceded so be careful which teams you insert into that format



10 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – the best defences and the best defenders in FPL, Sky and TFF”

  1. Hi, what do you reckon to Stoke’s Arnautovic? Stoke have got a great run of fixtures, he’s only 5.5m and I think playing out of position up front and only 0.2% ownership. Great differential?

    Im looking to sell Wally (out for 2 weeks?) and HBA (bad fixtures and not reliable) for Ozil and possibly Arnautovic


  2. Cracking post this one John, albeit I’ve got Kocielny and you have reccommended Sagna,Gibbs and Mertesacker respectively! ;)

  3. I was wondering if nastasic would be a good pick from city. How would you rate his game time now he and kompany are fully fit?

  4. Great Analysis.

    One point I’d like to discuss with you about Distin vs. Coleman and about CS & Bonus Points in general, is that BP from CS are vulnerable whereas BP from Goals are not. E.g. Everton could get a clean sheet and Distin a good BPS but Lukaku scores two and/or Baines gets an assist and suddenly Distin’s good BPS isn’t good enough for BP anymore. If Coleman gets a goal or assist though it’d be hard for anyone to take those BPs from him. What’s your view on this?

    PS – I have DIstin in my team :)

  5. What do you think about re-signing Ravel Morrison who look’s like he is getting game time now for JWP who look’s like warming the bench for a few weeks?

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