fantasy premier league BGW31 – an imaginary wildcard and imaginary free hit team


Here’s our fantasy premier league BGW31 article where I pretend I’m using my free hit chip and separately my wildcard GW31.    The idea is to give transfer suggestions for this big blank gameweek.

fantasy premier league BGW31 – an imaginary wildcard and imaginary free hit team 

You can see stats on the players with the following articles

Form tables

Defender player rankings

Midfield player rankings 

Forward player rankings

A little bit of background

See also Jordan Sadler’s and Rob Reid’s current free hit teams

Some blanks and doubles preamble

Excuse repetition but if you’re on the site for the first time this maybe helpful.

This article is made on the assumption of the following doubles and blanks

Blank GW31

Double GW32

Blank GW33

Double GW35

See my blanks and doubles article of last week

I currently have a full set of chips available and will probably free hit GW32, WC GW34 and BB GW35.

Others like Jordan and Rob have used their wildcards and will free hit GW31 having prepared in advance for GW32.  They will transition as best as they can for the remaining gameweeks

The imaginary free hit team

As per the FPL rules, the free hit chip means you can make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek. You will lose any transfers made prior to activating the free hit chip and if you carried over 2 free you will lose the ability to make the 2nd free transfer going into the following gameweek.

GW31, due to it’s clash with the FA Cup quarter finals, has suffered 5 postponed games which means that there are only 5 fixtures within it:

 fantasy premier league free hit

Here’s the imaginary free hit team:

fantasy premier league BGW31

The structure

The team fits well within £103m

In essence I’ve gone for 11 starters who I expect to contribute points plus the first reserve who I also expect to contribute points in the case of an unexpected player from the first 11 not playing for whatever reason.  The first reserve is likely to be Brooks or Barnes

The formation would be 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 depending on which of Brooks or Barnes you start.  The 3 starting defenders would be Rice, Robertson and Ake


The 3 most likely clean sheets are West Ham, Liverpool and Bournemouth for me.  I’ve doubled on the West Ham defence as Huddersfield at home has to be a great chance.  Rice, Robertson and Ake are the safest starters.  Ake is the best attacking option for Bournemouth.  I believe that Alexander Arnold is the best attacking option for Liverpool but more likely to be unexpectedly rotated than Robertson especially given apparent injury concerns, in the end unfounded, for midweek.

Reserves I’ve gone cheap with Bardsley and Stankovic who’s played CDM for Huddersfield recently.


Salah and Mane are certainties for me given their form and the fixture. With budget being no issue I’ve gone for the punt of Hazard knowing that any day he can get a double figure return or be totally anonymous.

Probably the main debate fantasy managers will have is Arnautovic vs Anderson although you could have both if you restrict yourself to 1 defender.  Anderson has zero form or underlying stats but it’s about a punt for the opposition.  Arnautovic isn’t far off being in the same position and also has starting doubts after fitness issues and the China saga.  There is a player there though , somewhere, if he starts.  I’ve taken the safer route and gone for Anderson

Brooks is a potential for a first sub or Barnes although he himself maybe somewhat of a risk given he’s 1 game after a return from injury.  Harvey Barnes could also be an option instead of Brooks.


Vardy and Wilson are pretty obvious choices.  Barnes less so but could be a first bench option.  I’ve talked about Arnautovic in the midfield section

The imaginary wildcard team

If you’re thinking of the wildcard it’s probably because you’ve got to GW31 and have hardly any players with fixtures.  You maybe set up for what could happen in GW32.

Here’s a possible fixture schedule assuming that the following FA Cup results take place

Man City beat Swansea

Man Utd beat Wolves

Brighton beat Milwall

Watford beat Palace

 fantasy premier league BGW31

Here’s the team.

fantasy premier league BGW31


At the moment 8 teams are confirmed for both GW31 and GW33. These are Bournemouth, Burnley, Leicester, West Ham, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Everton and Chelsea.

I’ve therefore made the team fit so there are 11 players for GW31 within that framework.  You would then free hit in GW32 to take account of the doubles and continue as best as you can after that.

Arsenal are the team that seem the most likely to have a fixture in GW33 and a double gameweek 35 so in order to maximise the players with 2 games in GW35 I’ve put 3 Arsenal players in.

That has meant sacrifices such as no Hazard.   Having Aubameyang on the bench for GW31 is a bit of a funds sucker.

I’ve gone for Ryan as the back up keeper as if Brighton win v Millwall they will have an extra game to be fitted in somewhere.

Other than that a number of the players are the same as above and there are stats available in the links earlier in the article to assess them.

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league BGW31 – an imaginary wildcard and imaginary free hit team”

  1. Very helpful thanks geek. I can’t quite afford Ake this week, do you have a secondary suggestion for Bournemouth please?

  2. Great work geek! Interesting that you and everyone love Vardy! I will have to rethink my team to get him in as I fancy Higuain.

  3. I currently have still have Aguero in my team for this week and I’d need to sell him to get a full 11. Do you think its wise to sell him for Vardy just to bring him back in? Hes increased 0.6m since I bought him

  4. Will- I have a similar situation with selling Jiminez to get Wilson in and 11 players for this week.
    I think if you have a lot of value tied up in a player, it’s not worth selling if you are going to want to buy that player back again at a much higher price than you sell for. Better just to run with 10 this week and think of the long game.

      • I was nust thinking…a -4 for a midfielder or striker is actually only a -2 in a gameweek like this where u only have a few players

  5. I’ve not seen an answer to this: I want to play the wildcard this week, but I know that there are a couple of key changes I want to make to my squad when it flips back after the wildcard week. I have two free transfers.

    I think if I make two changes now, then play the wildcard and make more changes, then my two changes get overwritten, i.e. the suqad that I will revert to is the one I had at the beginning of this week, and I go down to only one free transfer. Can I still use that free transfer on my original squad before the next game week, and how do i do that? If the squad only reverts back to the originial at the deadline for the following gameweek, then i will have no opportunity to make changes between my original squad and the squad the enters the gameweek following the WC?!

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