fantasy premier league captain choice – gameweek 33


Here’s our short form fantasy premier league captain choice article where we look at the bookies view, other FPL sites polls and team choices, any of the top 10 FPL managers I follow and the FFGeek view

fantasy premier league captain choice – gameweek 33

The Bookies View

£1.61 – Aguero

£1.67 – Bony

£1.73 – Dzeko

£1.91 – Silva

£1.95 – Lukaku

£2.05 – Kane, YYT

£2.10 – Kone

£2.15  – Lampard

£2.20 – Naismith, Remy

£2.25 – Nasri

£2.30 – Hazard

£2.37 – Murray

So you can see most of the Man City team feature with Aguero home to West Ham the clear favourite.  Bony and Dzeko have gametime risk which brings you to Lukaku at  home to Burnley who is an injury doubt. Then Kane away to the hapless Newcastle.

The FPL advice sites views

The main FPL advice site’s captain poll has Aguero far ahead of anyone else.  Glen Murray is next by some distance and then Harry Kane.

2 other sites have some captain information on them as I write this.  Both are advising Aguero and both have the Captains poll as Aguero leading by some margin.  Kane and Murray are the 2nd in the Captains poll

Any of the 10 FPL managers

Only 1 of the 10 FPL managers has shown their hand so far this week and he is putting Aguero as Captain.

The FFGeek view

I’m definitely going for Aguero.  For me there’s no choice.  I very rarely go against the favourite especially if like Aguero their ownership among leading and active managers is high.  At this time I think it’s a time not to drop in the rankings.  The time when the captain choice will make a difference is when the choice is split.  At that time you have no choice but to have a ranking effect choice.  We’ve seen this in recent weeks with Austin and Kane and Aguero and Kane.  Luckily I’ve made the right choices which has seen me move up to an 8k overall ranking.

I also think Aguero aside from that is the right choice.  West Ham have conceded 7 goals in their last 3 away games and Aguero comes off 2 goals in the Manchester derby.  The issue with Aguero is the 2 striker vs lone striker conundrum.  As a lone striker Aguero becomes the focal point for the attack, stays more central and becomes the six yard box predator.  With a strike partner such as Dzeko and Bony they become the cetral point and Aguero seems to drift a bit more.  It’s no coincidence that Aguero’s 2 goals against Man Utd came with him as a lone striker

If you’re behind in your mini league and desperate then maybe Kane as an alternative.  I still believe that taking big risks is pretty uneccesary even now with a blank week and 2 DGWs to go before the end of the season.

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fantasy premier league captain choice

fantasy premier league captain choice