fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20 analysis

Here’s my analysis of the fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20 options

RVP – (Sunderland H)

The reliable fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20 option.  Third in the overall shooting stats and 1st in the last 6 shooting stats.  Also 3rd and 2nd in both sets of chances created stats. Mr reliable has returned in 15/17 starts

Lets look at his record against qualifying opposition at home:

Fulham 9 points

Stoke 11 points

QPR  2  points

West Ham  9 points

Sunderland 12 points

Newcastle 9 points

That’s as close to perfect as you’ll get.

Will he play?  With Rooney injured for 2-3 weeks then its inconceivable that he won’t play in my mind.

The WBA defence isn’t anything to write home about so I’m expecting goals

Its hard to look past him for  the fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20


I don’t normally look at away games but Bale seems to prefer playing away to at home so I thought it was worth a look

Lets look at his record against qualifying teams away in assessing his suitability for fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20:

Newcastle  A  2 points

Reading  A  11 points

Southampton A  10 points

Fulham A  2 points

Aston Villa A  21 points

3/5 big returns.  In away games overall he’s returned 5/8.  So again good but he’s not as reliable as RVP but if you’re willing to take a punt there are big returns there.

Sunderlands defence has kept 2 clean sheets but is a middle of the road home team.  Nothing for Bale to fear.

In summary a risk but one which there are potentially big returns as a fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20.


Again the lack of options has forced me off the road whereas I normally prefer home games for a captain

Lets look at away games against qualifying teams in assessing him for the fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20

WBA  A  1 point

Sunderland A  6 points

Norwich  A  20 points

Swansea  A 2 points

Has an injury doubt and those figures don’t inspire confidence.  QPR’s home defence has improved in recent games so its a no for me


This is a punt that he plays striker instead of Giroud who’s fit.

Lets look at his record at home against qualifying teams which does include games out wide

Sunderland H  3 points

Southampton  H  6 points

Fulham  H  8 points

Swansea H  2 points

2/4 is nothing to write home about but his overall record when starting is 5/7 which is impressive.  Is now featuring strongly in the last 6 shooting stats.  The Newcastle defence away is hopeless and you know its not in great shape when Williamson being injured is an issue for them

He is definitely worth a punt if for some inexplicable reason you don’t have RVP


Summary of best options for fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20

1.  RVP

2.  Bale

3.  Walcott


Here’s some no’s

1.  Berba – 1 return in 8 and no underlying stats.  Swansea defence can perform away.

2.  Benteke – Hard to give the armband to Villa at the moment

3.  Tevez/Aguero – Norwich A is too risky a venue for the armband for me

4.  Nolan – no return in 7 and while I’m backing him giving him the armband is a step too far

5.  Walters – Giving the armband to a defensive team like Stoke is too big a risk

6.   Cazorla – Too inconsistent

7.  Mata/Torres – Everton do concede but this is too tricky a venue for the captains armband


Hope that gives you some food for thought for your choice of fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20

2 thoughts on “fantasy premier league captain gameweek 20 analysis”

  1. Ruiz is back for Fulham. Berbatov should definetely be a captain’s choice. The main reasons for his lack of returns has been Ruiz’ absence. With Ruiz around Berbatov has always seemed a better player.

    • hi rajey, I do agree with the principle, Ruiz provides alot of chances for Berba and also allows Berba to play the most furtherest forward. Swansea can perfrom away from home is spurts and I just thought it was a step too far to go from the lack of returns to trusting him with the captains armband

      thanks for the comments and good luck this weekend

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