fantasy premier league captain gameweek 30 who to pick?

Here’s the fantasy premier league captain gameweek 30 options


Right lets start with some stats to set the scene.:

He’s the top points scorer in fantasy premier league

He’s returned in 21/24 starts.  That’s an incredible 88% success rate better than anyone in the league.

He’s multi dimensional  scoring  19 goals and 12 assists

In his last 6 games he’s scored 3 goals and 3 assists and returned in every game except 1

That’s a pretty incredible set of stats.

The only negative is that he’s fallen out of the last 6 shooting stats.  However does RVP need the same amount of shots in the box that others do.  The fact that his on target % is so much higher than anyone elses is testimony to the fact that he doesn’t.  So I’m of the  view that he’s clinical not an overperformer of his stats which will have to even out.

However lets forget all the above HES HOME TO READING.  The team with the 2nd worst home away defence in underlying stats behind Villa and the worst overall defence in the league in underlying stats.  On average away from home the opposition will get 12 shots in the box and nearly 3 one on one type chances. It could be a massacre.  In goals conceded they are 16th with 27 goals conceded away and the only team not to have got a clean sheet away from home.

The other risk is gametime.  I think after being on the bench for the FA Cup he will start.  I also think  SAF will want him to win the golden boot not Suarez who he’s clearly not going to send an Xmas card to.


Only Suarez is ahead of Bale in the form table of fantasy premier league.

He’s the top midfield points scorer in fantasy premier league.  3rd overall behind RVP and Suarez.

Over the season he’s not been a consistent returner and has returned in 15/25 starts.  That’s a 60% success rate which isn’t particularly high.  However he does have the ability to score big.  He’s scored 9 double figure hauls compared to RVPs 6.

He hasnt really had the multi dimension feel to his game with 16 goals and 6 assists.

However form wise he’s red hot and in his last 6 games he’s scored an incredible 7 goals  goals and 2 assists and returned in every game.

He’s also performing well in underlying stats leading the last 6 shooting stats and 2nd in the last 6 chances created.

The Fulham away defence isn’t quite as bad as its painted 12th over the season in underlying stats but its worse in actual stats 15th in goals conceded having conceded 27 nearly 2 per game.  They’ve had 2 clean sheets.

6/9 of Bales big hauls have come away from home but he has the potential to do it at home although 2 of those 3 have been against top 6 teams.


He’s the 2nd top points scorer in fantasy premier league to RVP.

He’s returned in 17/28 starts.   This is comparable to Bale but some way short of  RVP type consistency.  Like Bale though he can score heavy although he has 7 double figure hauls although he does have three 9 pointers.

He’s  scored  22 goals and 8 assists.  The top scorer in the league.

In his last 6 games he’s scored an incredible 6 goals and 3 assists but interestingly he’s returned in only 4 games out of the 6.  He’s had double figure hauls in his last 3 games.

He’s also the unquestionable leader in the forwards underlying stats.  Top of the season stats, 2nd in the last 6 game weeks for shooting and leading the chances created in both time frames

He also seems to have shaken off the Sturridge effect with them swapping positions quite often and there being no domination of the most forward and central positions by Sturridge.  Rodgers is not stupid enough to dilute his most potent asset.

The only question is the opposition.  Over the season saints have the 9th best home defence in underlying stats.  They’re 12 in goals conceded at home  with 17 conceded in 14 games.  There 3 clean sheets are bettered by 13 teams who have 4 or more.  Both Man City and Everton have failed to score there.  In home defence then they’re no Man City or Liverpool but they’re not Reading either.

Suarez’s big hauls have come against the poorer teams away or home so he has the capability no doubt.


It just comes down to how much risk you want to take.  RVP in my mind is the safe bet due to his consistency and the opposition and there still remains the prospect of a big haul given that opposition.

Suarez and Bale both have the potential for big hauls although Bale has by far the easier opposition.  However their consistency of returns is far lower than RVP and both have more difficult opponents.  However both are in amazing form so a big haul for either would be no shock.  It just comes down to how much risk you want to take.

I’m sticking with RVP due to his consistency and the opposition.  I also have my wildcard for GW33 and therefore have no need to panic to catch up.

Here’s my choices then

1.  RVP

2.  Bale

3.  Suarez

Good luck with your fantasy premier league captain gameweek 30 pick