Fantasy premier league – captain options gameweek 19

Ok here’s my fantasy premier league captain options for gameweek 19. Another interesting week ahead

Fantasy premier league – captain options gameweek 19


Just as a general point for those coming to the site for the first time.   I did alot of research on where the 10 point plus fantasy premier league attacking scores came from and the vast majority came from the top 4 challenging teams playing the potentially relegation threatened teams.  Now that may sound like common sense and it is how I look at where the captain choices should come from.   The theory is simple, you get more shots against the poorer teams.  What was interesting is that there wasn’t much variance between the home fixture and the away fixture.  The opposition was key.  However at the moment Suarez is breaking all the rules and is a form option irrespective of the opposition

 There are some good fixtures this week following this principle.  Here they are:
1.   Man City v Crystal Palace
2.  Norwich v Man Utd
3.  Tottenham v Stoke
 Here are the options:
1.  Silva
2.  Rooney
I’ve also included Suarez due to form.  I’ve not included Negredo or Dzeko as there is the possibility of rotation there making game time for both very uncertain


 Rooney (away to Norwich)

  • Will he start?

Yes.   There doesn’t seem to be a rotation option with RVP injured

  • How consistent is he generally and away from home?

Overall consistency. 9 goals and 11 assists in 16 games  Consistency 13/16   80%  Last 5 return rate:  4/5.  Away from home seems to suit him more.  5 goals and 6 assists in 8 games.  Returned in 7/8 games.

  • How has he performed against poor opposition so far away from home

Excellent.  Assist away to Villa.  Goal and assist away to Fulham and Cardiff.  Blanked away to Sunderland

  • Whats his recent form like

Excellent returned in 4 of his last 5 with 3 goals and 4 assists.  Has been playing behind the striker though so not much in the way of goal scoring action but creating chances and producing assists.  Has alot of set piece action and will take pens.  Away to Hull he looked more like a strike partner and wasn’t so deep.  In fact Welbeck dropped into midfield to pick up Huddlestone at times.  Still his shooting production was pretty ordinary with only 1 shot in the box.

  • Whats his underlying stats like

Has reasonable shooting stats and creating chances stats which are very good. However last year his fantasy premier league points per minute were excellent and his underlying stats were similar.  Now with RVP injured he has more set pieces and pens.

  • Whats the opposition defence like

Not bad overall.  3 clean sheets and conceded 9 in 9 games.   However, Norwich have looked vulnerable at home to the better sides.  Everton scored 2 but could have had a  ton of goals and Chelsea scored 3 goals easily.

  • Is he an option?

Yes due to his consistency.  Norwich are an ordinary defence against the better sides. Playing more as a striker last week with Welbeck and has good set piece involvement and pens

Silva (home to Palace)

  • Will he start?

I think he will start.  He’s only played 3 games since being back from injury after being rested for 5 when injured.  Nasri his only creative replacement has started the last 11 and if anything to me is the more likely to be rested.  Difficult to take anything for granted.  Silvas injury record may mean Pellegrini wont want to over play him.

  • How consistent is he generally and at home?  

Very good.  Overall 4 goals and 6 assists in 10 appearances.    He’s returned in 8/10 games.   At home he’s returned in 4/5 games.  Not that explosive though only 2 double figure point hauls

  • How has he performed against good opposition so far at home?

Only 2 easy home games played so far interestingly.  He blanked against Hull and scored at home to Norwich

  • Whats his recent form like

Excellent.   1 goals and 3 assists 3 games since starting back from injury.

  • Whats his underlying stats like

Excellent. The best overall midfielder for shooting and creating chances stats

  • Whats the opposition defence like

Have improved alot under Pulis.  3 clean sheets in 5 games and a very respectable defensive performance away to Chelsea

  • Is he an option?

Yes.  Consistent performer who should play.  May not get the big hauls though

Suarez (Chelsea away)

  • Will he start?


  • How consistent is he generally and  away?

Unreal.  Overall:  18 goals and 11 assists:      Consistency 10/13    83%        Last 5 return consistency rate:  4/5.  Away returned in 6 of 9 away games.

  • How has he performed against good opposition so far

Arsenal Spurs Everton and Man City are the 4 top 4 challenging teams that Liverpool have played away.  He returned in 2 of those games and was unlucky against Arsenal and City.

  • Whats his recent form like

Unreal.  9 goals and 7 assists in his last 5

  • Whats his underlying stats like

Excellent.  The best of any striker.  Great shooting and creating chances stats.

  • Whats the opposition defence like

It depends if they park the bus or not.  When the do they are very good.  Witness the shut outs against Arsenal and Man Utd.  Only 3 clean sheets in 9 at home.  They have played Man City at home where they defended reasonably well.  Aguero did score in that game and certainly there were enough chances for Suarez to score.

  • Is he an option?

He’s always an option against anyone in current form.

 So here’s how I rank the fantasy premier league captain options:


Yes in order:

1. Rooney

2. Suarez

3.  Silva


William Hill check

Here’s how William Hill see the anytime goal scorer odds market with all players at under £2.00

1.   Negredo 1.57

2.  Dzeko  1.73

3.  Defoe Soldado 1.80

3.  Rooney Lukaku – £1.91

Suarez is £2.20 which I think is fairly generous.

Interesting. Obviously if we knew who was starting for City they would be a serious captain option.  If you want a punt on the 2 Dzeko would be mine judging from the reports.  Defoe is a gametime risk as well and Soldado has alot to do to be trusted with the armband.  They are quite bullish about Lukaku.  I’m a little worried about the quality of the Saints defence to trust him with the armband

For me I haven’t decided on my transfer yet to decide on my captain.

I hope that gives you some food for thought for your fantasy premier league captain choice.

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    I already did two transfers thw GW (Mannone for Myhill and Wallcot for Ramsey). And I’m think of a third one – Negredo for Lukaku. Is it worth doing it because of scoreless Lukaku and great fixture against CRY for Negredo? Than u for your advice and keep up the good work, I love your site!!

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