fantasy premier league captain pick GW31 – plus Chip poll results – UPDATED


Here’s our fantasy premier league captain pick GW31 article. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FFGeek captain poll, the contributors picks and stats to seek out the best captain choice. There’s also the results of the “which chip are you using in GW31+ Poll.”  UPDATED for FFGeek Contributor Picks and other polls

fantasy premier league captain pick GW31 – plus Chip poll results


FPL captain PICK gw31

Bookies team to win odds

Liverpool v Palace £1.22 – Salah, Mane Firmino

Man Utd v Sheffield Utd £1.42 – Rashford, Fernandes, Martial

Wolves v Bournemouth £1.61 – Jimenez

Spurs v West Ham £1.67 – Kane, Son

Leicester v Brighton £1.70 – Vardy

Norwich v Everton £1.95 – Richarlison, Calvert Lewin

The anytime goal scorer odds

These are the odds for anytime goalscorer for £1 bet.

The odds are for the player to score at anytime with the return from a £1.00 bet.  They assume the player starts and don’t take into account assist potential

£1.80 – Vardy, Salah

£1.83 – Kane

£1.85 – Ings, Aguero

£1.91 –  Mane, Calvert-Lewin

£2.00 – Rashford, Aubameyang

£2.05 – Jesus, Jimenez

£2.10 – Pukki

£2.15 – Richarlison

£2.20 – Son

£2.30 – Wood

£2.37 – Sterling

Fernandes is £2.87 and De Bruyne £3.60

The FFGeek Poll

The FFGeek captain poll asks who will be your captain? Thanks for taking the time to vote

The poll went up before the Everton v Liverpool match

fantasy premier league captain pick GW31

Other FPL polls

None up as yet or not far enough to be of use.

Contributor Picks

I will update this later

Stats comparison

Salah v Mane v Vardy

Here’s their overall key stats:

Here’s some key performance stats. They are overall on a season basis home and away stats as the difference is somewhat theoretical at the moment.

PPM is points per match

Consistency is the % of games where the play got a goal or assist.

Explosiveness is the % of those returns that got a FPL 10 points or more.


Salah didn’t start against Everton although he trained with the team and was an unused sub on the bench.  May need news from Klopp but that would suggest he could play given the game is on Wednesday.

Mane played and played 90 minutes.  I guess you could theorise that there should be plenty of opportunities to rest after they win the title so I would be surprised if he doesn’t start.

Vardy played 90 on Saturday and with the Brighton game on Tuesday it’s not a totally unusual time between games.  I would be surprised if he didn’t start as Lecester have a Champions League place to play for and he is difficult to replace.

Fernandes has become a key player for United and difficult not to see him play.  He joined in January from the Portuguese league so you wouldn’t expect him to be fatigued.

The Palace defence

6th ranked in goals conceded. 32 from 30 games

They are 10th in xG conceded with 44.

Shots per game against they are 13th with 13.6

The Brighton defence

13th ranked in goals conceded. 41 from 30 games

They are 12th in xG conceded with 45

Shots per game against they are 10th with 12.4

The Sheffield United defence

2nd ranked in goals conceded. 28 from 30 games

They are 8th in xG conceded with 40.

Shots per game against they are 8th with 11.5


I suspect Salah, Mane, Vardy and Fernandes will start. Salah will probably need a press conference post injury niggle check.

The anytime goalscorer odds have Salah and Vardy equal at £1.80.  Mane is £1.91 and Fernandes is seen as a more assist based player at £2.87

The FFGeek poll favoured Salah by some distance.  It was put up before the Everton v Liverpool match though.  Mane was a distant sceond.  I will update other polls later.

The FFGeek contributors will be updated later as well.

The Stats comparison favours Salah.  Vardy probably faces the weakest defence although injuries, suspension and ineligibility of Dean Henderson puts Sheffield in a weak defensive position.

Salah looks likely to take pens as Milner seems likely to miss out through injury.  Vardy will take pens as will Fernandes very likely.

The FFGeek choice

I could do with a bit more information but it is likely to be Salah if I feel confident he will play.  Otherwise Mane if I end up putting him in a Free Hit or Wildcard team

The “which chip will I play in GW31+” poll

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