fantasy premier league captain pick GW32 – plus transfer poll results


Here’s our fantasy premier league captain pick GW32 article. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FFGeek captain poll, the contributors picks and stats to seek out the best captain choice. There’s also the results of the transfer poll

fantasy premier league captain pick GW32 – plus transfer poll results


fantasy premier league captain PICK gw32

Bookies team to win odds

Arsenal v Norwich £1.50 – Aubameyang

West Ham v Chelsea £1.67 – who knows who will start?

Brighton v Man Utd £1.75 – Martial, Rashford, Fernandes

A Villa v Wolves £1.75 – Jimenez

The anytime goal scorer odds

Unfortunately odds are not up for all the games making this not really useful

I will try and add before the deadline if all the information is there

The FFGeek Poll

The FFGeek captain poll asks who will be your captain? Thanks for taking the time to vote

The poll went up before the Southampton v Arsenal match

fantasy premier league captain PICK gw32

Other FPL polls

So only ourselves and the early days of the FPL advice site with the most traffic have polls up

fantasy premier league captain PICK gw32

Contributor Picks

Here’s how it looks with the information I have at the moment.  I’ll update it later.

Stats comparison

Jimenez v Aubameyang v Martial v Rashford v Fernandes

Here’s their overall key stats:

Here’s some key performance stats. They are overall on a season basis home and away stats as the difference is somewhat theoretical at the moment.

PPM is points per match

Consistency is the % of games where the play got a goal or assist.

Explosiveness is the % of those returns that got a FPL 10 points or more.

Its worth noting that Man Utd are the ranked team 4th in XG and shots per game.

Wolves are 7th and 9th respectively

Arsenal are 10th and 14th respectively.


The First thing to mention is that this gameweek is interspersed with the FA Cup quarters.  Wolves of the 3 clubs aren’t involved and have a full week before fixtures.  That should rule out rotation of Jimenez who is already pretty rotation proof anyway.

For Man Utd they have an FA Cup game v Norwich on the 27th June.  Then a PL game at Brighton on the 30th of June and a PL game v Bournemouth on the 4th.  Fernandes having come from Portugal in January you’d think is the safest of the 3.  Rashford having come back from injury could be carefully handled.  Martial it’s difficult to say.  Man Utd do have the options to rotate with a number of attacking mids and Greenwood as a striker.  However the Champions League surely is the priority so you’s think OGS won’t want to over rotate.

Aubameyang is crucial to Arsenal but there must be some rotation risk there.  They play in the FA Cup on the 28th and then v Norwich on the 1st of July.  Norwich also play Man Utd in the FA Cup on the 27th though.

The Villa defence

20th ranked in goals conceded. 59 from 31 games

They are 20th in xG conceded with 63.

Shots per game against they are 20th with 17.5

The Brighton defence

9th ranked in goals conceded. 41 from 31 games

They are 10th in xG conceded with 46

Shots per game against they are 10th with 12.3

The Norwich defence

19th ranked in goals conceded. 56 from 31 games

They are 18th in xG conceded with 56.

Shots per game against they are 19th with 15.5


Jimenez seems a safe starter due to rest and no FA Cup risk.  The others all have some injury and rotation risk.  Probably Rashford and Martial more than Aubameyang and Fernandes but this stuff is impossible to predict.

No meaningful anytime goal scorer information although Arsenal are the biggest team favourites to win.

The FFGeek poll favours Jimenez and it’s worth noting that was up before Aubameyang blanked v Southampton.

The FFGeek contributors are also favouring Jimenez.

The stats comparison is a little distorted by penalties.  Once you strip them out of the underlying stats everything looks very close.  Jimenez probably has has the slight advantage with Rashford close and Martial not far behind but Martial has no penalty top up option and Rashford unlikely to either.  Aubameyang is next and Fernandes way behind unless he gets a pen awarded.

Villa and Norwich are terrible defensively.  Brighton are a mid table defensive side and often play with 2 CDMs.

The FFGeek choice

Unless I go for the Free Hit which is looking increasingly unlikely I will probably go for Jimenez.  He has  the best underlying stats, faces the worst defensive team and is probably the least likely to be rotated given they are out of the FA Cup.

The Transfer Polls

Good luck with whoever you choose

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