fantasy premier league captain picks GW23

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Here’s our fantasy premier league captain picks for GW23.  As ususal we look at the bookies odds, the other FPL sites polls, any of the top 10 FPL managers we  follows picks as well as some stat analysis on the leading contenders

fantasy premier league captain picks GW23

Firstly here’s the fixtures:


The bookies odds

Here’s the anytime goal scoring odds from one bookie as of today for £2.50 or below for £1 invested

£1.95 – Aguero

£2.10 – Lukaku

£2.30 – Ighalo

£2.40 – Kane and Vardy

£2.50 – Rooney

The FPL advice Polls

                                        site 1 site 2 site 3 site 4
Lukaku 30% 31%           29%                      40%
Aguero 30%35%44%42%
Kane 11%8%9%6%
Firmino 6%2%1%2%

So a 2 player question.  Lukaku or Aguero

The ten top FPL managers

2 have gone for Lukaku.  1 has gone for Aguero although I know he is still cogitating

Some basic stats

Unfortunately they are even more basic this week as I am very time poor

Aguero (West Ham a)

Aguero incredibly has only scored 1 goal away in the premier league in 7 games.  That was in his last game away at Watford.  He does look very fit now and we all know his class.  He also has pens.

West Ham have played 10 home games 12 goals conceded and 3 clean sheets.  Bizarrely after Norwich Bournemouth and Leicester in the first 3 games scored loads of goals at West Hams gaff  they’ve haven’t conceded more than 1 at home.  Payet back though makes them more attacking.

Lukaku (Swansea h)

Lukaku at home has returned a goal or assist in 8/11 home games.  He’s only not returned against Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd

Swansea away from home are 10 games 14 goals conceded and 1 clean sheet.  Their away form has been mixed.  They have conceded 2 three times and 3 goals conceded once.  These have mainly been against the top sides so 2 goals looks a possibility.

The FFgeek choice

This is a choice of faith and class over stats and bravery over fear.  The stats as you can see favour Lukaku.  Apart from the shooting stats where Aguero is undoubtedly far ahead and the premier leagues best.  However returns wise at home vs Aguero away Lukaku is far ahead.  However that can’t stay like this Aguero and City are too good and they suit teams coming on to them as they are lethal on the counter attack

However we all know what Aguero can do on the day.  Absolutely anything.  If you’re chasing, brave and don’t mind risk then Aguero makes some sense.  From my own perspective I’m sick of the occasion when you get the 50/50 captain change wrong and move back 100k rankings or so.   Although transfers may have mitigated things this week. Lukaku seems far higher owned and has more ability to hurt you should he score well and Aguero blanks.  Therefore I’m changing and captaining Lukaku

Good luck whoever you choose

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8 thoughts on “fantasy premier league captain picks GW23”

  1. Plus West Ham are looking a force, whereas even though Swansea have a more defensive resolve, away to one of the top scoring sides in the league will always see them conceed

    • I have been between the 2 and gone with Lukaku. It literally came down to home form and away form. Even if they both score, points will be evened out! I just think Lukaku could get more than 1 goal.

  2. I went with Ighalo considering they were playing against Newcastle at Home. Looks like it paid off. Either way, I had Aguero and Kane also in my team so I had all 3 of my strikers scoring. Not a bad week at all.

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