fantasy premier league captain tips GW35 – captain options analysed plus transfer poll results


Here’s our fantasy premier league captain tips GW35 article where we look at ways of assessing the best captain pick for the gameweek. We look at the fixtures, the bookies odds, the FPL advice site polls, who the FFGeek contributors are captaining, some stats and the FFGeek choice.  Geek update:  I’ve now added in the contributor captain picks.

fantasy premier league captain tips GW35 – captain options analysed plus transfer poll results

The fixtures

 fantasy premier league captain tips GW35

The Bookies Team win odds

Man City £1.27 & 1.53 = £2.80 Aguero, Sterling, De Bruyne

Arsenal £1.50 & 2.50 = £4.00 Lacazette, Aubameyang

Watford £1.85 & 2.15 = £4.00 Andre Gray

Wolves £1.73 & 2.80 = £4.53 Jimenez, Jota

The Bookies player odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.40. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential. The bookies only have odds for the first game so I’ve included the odds for the 2nd game for the team to win

£1.73 – Hazard

£1.75 – Aguero (game 2 to win £1.52)

£1.80 – Aubameyang (game 2 to win £2.45)

£1.83 – Wilson

£1.85 – Sterling and Jesus (game 2 to win £1.52) Salah, Mane,

£1.91 – Vardy

£2.00 – Lacazette (game 2 to win £2.45), King, Firmino

£2.05 – Giroud, Higuain, Loftus Cheek

£2.20 – Chicharito

£2.30 – Jimenez (game 2 to win £2.87),

£2.37 – Andre Gray (game 2 to win £2.15), Sane (game 2 to win £1.52), Rondon

£2.40 – Arnautovic, Hudson Odoi

The FPL advice site Polls

Here’s the FFGeek captain poll. Thanks very much for taking the time to vote:

fantasy premier league captain tips GW35



Site 1%FFGeek%Site 2%Site 3%Site 4%
Son HM7917n/a4

So Jimenez averaged 32%, Sterling 19%, Aguero 23% and Son 9%.

Btw, the FFGeek poll and site 2 and 3 asks who will you captain. Site 4 is silent. Site 1 asks who is the best captain.

FFGeek contributor captain picks

Joseph CrilleySterling (TC)
Rob ReidAguero
Alex BallSterling
Keith Spencer
FPL Word
Mikael DJimenez
Jordan SadlerJimenez
Costas ChariAubameyang
Sergio TorijaAubameyang (TC)
Yaniv SalomonSterling
Mikael HJimenez
Stephen TroopJimenez
Andrew FergusonJimenez
Robert CosgroveGray
Prakhar PatelJimenez

Jimenez has been picked 6 times, Aubameyang and Sterling twice and Aguero once.

Some stats

With 3 players close in the polls, all of which having a double gameweek the article will have to be a bit more general this week otherwise it will take me forever.

I’ll look at Jimenez, Sterling and Aguero.


With Spurs and Man Utd being the DGW35 opposition it’s hard to imagine that Sterling and Aguero won’t play both games.  Add to that the fact that the loss in the UCL means losing the league now would turn a much hyped potential history making season into a disastrous one then that surely will add to their gametime security.

If I understand the position correctly then 7th place will qualify for a Europa League spot if Man City beat Watford in the FA Cup final.  With 4 sides within a point of each other for 7th place you would think that would enhance Jimenez’s chances of playing both games in DGW35.

Captain comparison table

Here’s a comparison table of the 3 attacking players:

So unsurprisingly the Man City players stats are superior to Jimenez’s.  However Jimenez is about the opposition and gametime security rather than his own stats.  Aguero has the greater underlying goal threat but Sterlings contribution is more rounded.

The defences

Man City v Spurs H and Man Utd A

fantasy premier league captain tips GW35

So the Spurs away defence looks pretty solid.  Man Utd also looks like one of the better home defences.  However the last 2 performances at home haven’t been great and anyone who saw the game against West Ham would not have been impressed.

Wolves v Brighton H and Arsenal H

fantasy premier league captain tips GW35

Brighton have been a very defensive side away from home and although have had the odd thrashings and concede alot of shots their ranks aren’t relegation rankings.

Arsenal away stats are very bad for a supposed top 6 side with the overall xGA showing that they could be better than the results show being the only chink of light.


The tricky fixtures would make you think the 2 Man City lads will play both games.  With 7th looking a decent chance of being an Europa League spot it’s hard to imagine Nuno taking his foot off the pedal which is good for Jimenez’s gametime prospects

The bookies only have ATGS odds for game 1 so worth looking in the article

The polls favour Jimenez at an average of 32%, Sterling 19%, Aguero 23% and Son 9%.  1 poll with low voting numbers over estimates Aguero compared to the rest.  The FFgeek poll has been fairly reliable compared to the top 10k and has them all dead level at around 25%

Geek  update;  contributor captain picks.  Jimenez has been picked 6 times, Aubameyang and Sterling twice and Aguero once.

The stats favour Aguero and Sterling from an attacking point of view but there’s no doubt that Jimenez faces the worst 2 defences.

Aguero is the penalty taker for Man City.  Jimenez should take it for Wolves.

The FFGeek choice

Do you go for the better attacking options and accept some gametime risk and the fact that they face better opposition?  Or do you go for the weaker attacker who faces better opposition?  Or do you try and figure out where the balance between the 2 lies.  That’s the question in my mind.

I can’t but help feeling that the Man Utd defence isn’t the top 6 defence it shows some signs of but I’ve yet to make my mind up who I’m going for.

The Remaining Polls

 fantasy premier league captain tips GW35

 fantasy premier league captain tips GW35

That’s it hope you found it helpful

Other stuff

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